Buddleia Stem Stencil


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Beautiful wild flower stencil.
1 sheet stencil

The beautiful Buddleia Stem Stencil is perfect for botanical wild flower stencilling projects. This single stem buddleia design, based on Henny’s buddleia studies and sketches, is an extremely versatile stencil and ideal for beginners.  Great for soft furnishings – curtains, bed linen and cushions – or on furniture and boxes, or on paper and craft work items. It can also be used as an extension to the fuller Buddleia Butterfly Bush Stencil. Also perfect with our Red Admiral Butterfly Stencils.  See size specifications below.


Above and top – the Buddleia Stem Stencil is perfect for decorating small items of furniture and home accessories. Here it has been used to add real character to the lid of a keep-safe craft and stationary box – first painted white and stencilled in Indian Purple, Ash Green, Olive Grove and Woodland Stencil Paint. Sealed and protected with Acrylic Matt Varnish.

Above and below – the Buddleia Stem Stencil is a perfect motif for simple stencilling onto curtains. Stencilled here on a plain white voile curtain in Motif Fabric Paints – a mix of Bright Purple and Pure White. Shown also with a small frame stencilled with the Little Buddleia Stencil.

Above – close up of the Buddleia Stem Stencil in Motif Fabric Paint on a voile curtain.

Above – the Buddleia Stem Stencil shown repeated in dusky tones of Forget-me-not and  Willow Stencil paint.

Use Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges for easy and clear stencilling of this motif.

Also see the Buddleia Butterfly Bush Stencil, Little Buddleia Stencil and our Red Admiral Butterfly Stencils.

Above – Create a restful sanctuary with soft white linen and the delicate motif of the Buddleia Stem Stencil. Stencilled twice here in overlapping purple tones in Motif Fabric Paint on white linen pillowcases (and behind on voile hanging).

Above – the Buddleia Stem Stencil on soft linen pillowcases stencilled in a mix of Bright Purple and Pure White Motif Fabric Paint.

Above – Create a little whimsy with the Buddleia Stem Stencil and our Red Admiral Butterflies Stencil 1. Shown here in Indian Purple, Agapanthus (flowers) and Verbena, Olive Grove and Woodland (leaves and stalks) on a pale sky coloured background.

Above and below – create contemporary botanical gift wrap with simple brown paper and the Buddleia Stem Stencil in Ice White Stencil Paint.

Above – the Buddleia Stem Stencil beautiful repeated in a simple row.

Above and below – contemporary shadow stencilling in harmonising graduating tones – Ice White, Estuary Grey and Arctic Grey Stencil Paints on a muted backgrounds of cream (above) and slate grey (below).

Above – the Buddleia Stem Stencil has been used as an additional motif (top left and bottom right) to the Buddleia Butterfly Bush Stencil and Red Admiral Butterflies Stencil. Shown in Indian Purple, Plum BlossomCerise (flowers) and Verbena, Olive Grove and Woodland (stalks and leaves) on an off-white background.

Product Specifications

One layer stencil on one sheet of 125 micron Mylar.

Overall motif is up to 46.5cm/18.25″ tall by 18cm/7″ wide. Sheet size 53cm/24″ tall x 23cm/35.5″ wide.

Left – stencil sheet layout of the Buddleia Stem Stencil.