Cherry Blossom and Moon Stencil


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Cherry Blossom and Moon Stencil
Top of the range large design
3 sheet stencil

The Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil – branch, flower and moon stencil is a delicate large blossom stencil for friezes and striking wall features. Ideal for creating beautiful blossom features in bedrooms, dressing rooms, living areas and more.

The Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil, for cutting edge decorators, is a fantastic 3 sheet designer stencil of beautiful, soft clumps of blossom around a graceful, elegantly shaped bough, with angular off-shoots, tapering to a fine point. Plus a moon motif for a tranquil, eastern feel and extra blossom motifs for creating a fuller effect. See size and layout specifications below.


Above – create contemporary Japanese style with the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil on a decorative board above a bed in a simple room setting. The main part of the blossom bough is stencilled in Very Berry and Sorbet Stencil Paints, with the moon in Ice White and Shoreline Stencil Paints – all on soft pink painted board.

Above – the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil shown here with the Flying Cranes Theme Pack, on a raspberry graduated painted background – stencilled in Ice White, Orchid, Mocha and Coffee Bean Stencil paints.

The large horizontal stencil comes on three sheets – two sheets making up the main blossom bough section and the additional sheet with circular moon motif, extra single blossom and stamen details and additional small blossom sprays to add to the thickness or length of the main stencil. The layout of this design on the three sheets makes it easy to adapt to fit different spaces and shapes, repeating and adding on the different sections or just stencilling the basic design. Particularly suitable for horizontal or wide spaces, stencilled as a feature or on a wide panel or across the width of curtain drapes.

Above – the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil in Ice White and Orchid (moon) Stencil Paint on a dusky pastel pink background – a modern colour interpretation and easy to apply too!

Above – the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil is perfect with the new Japanese Larch Stencil.

Above – the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil is used to surround the Standing Cranes Stencil with ‘clouds’ of blossom, along with the Flying Cranes Theme Pack – stenciled with Vanilla, Butterscotch and Ice White on a black lacquer style background.

This stencil is now also available as the Large Cherry Blossom Stencil – over 2 metres wide.

Stencil this oversize design with our Stencil Paint or Fabric Paint ranges and our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges.  Or use coloured spray paints – to cover large areas with subtle veils of colour.

Above – the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil can also be tilted diagonally, as shown here, to fill deeper and narrower spaces.

Above – the Cherry Blossom and Moon Stencil with the Large Flying Cranes Stencil and the Snow Stencil applied over the whole scene.

Above and below – the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil shown here in Ice White (moon), Alba Rose, Cerise, Sorbet (blossom), Mocha, Latte and Coffee Bean Stencil paints.

Separate moon and extra blossom details can be added to any part of the design. Stencil the moon first, if it is to go behind the blossom!

Above and below – close up details of the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil in Ice White and Shoreline Stencil Paints wit the moon blushed with Evening Primrose – on bright crisp red.

Above – close up section of the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil in Ice White on a Chinese red background.

Above – the additional blossom motifs in this stencil set have been added here – in Cerise, Plum BlossomOrchidArctic Grey and Jet Black Stencil Paints with Rose and Violet Intereference Paint  and Pearl Metallic hand painted highlights, with moon stencilled in Ice White and Rainbow Glitter Paint, on a soft pink/grey skyscaped background. Below – close up detail – shows stamen details in this stencil set in Indian Purple Stencil Paint.

Above – the two main sections of the stencil with moon detail stencilled in Ice White and Shoreline Stencil Paints on a buff-sandstone background.

Above – close up of detail of the Cherry Blossom & Moon Stencil. Stencilled in Navy Charcoal, Arctic Grey Stencil Paint (bough) with Pearl and Silver Lights over-stencilling, and Orchid and Plum Blossom Stencil Paint with Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint highlights (blossom).

Above – main sections stencilled in Orchid, Blossom Pink, English RoseChocolat, Coffee Bean and Mocha Stencil Paints with moon in Shoreline on white background.

Above – main sections in Ice White, Shoreline and Duck Egg Stencil Paints on a nearly-black background.

Product Specifications

One layer stencil on three sheets – 2 sections making up the main cherry blossom bough and one smaller detail section with extra blossom motifs, stamen details, blossom clusters on twigs and moon motif.

The overall horizontal blossom bough design measures approximatley 129cm (50 3/4″) wide.

Main left section – the design section is 66cm (26″) wide x 57.5cm (22″) deep at furthest points on a sheet 80cm (31 1/2″) wide x 65cm (25″) deep with registration dots.

Main right section – the design section is 63cm (24 3/4″) wide x 32cm (12 1/2″) deep on a sheet 73cm wide by 45.5cm deep with registration dots.

Details sheet (moon and extra blossom) is 36cm (14″) wide x 30cm (11 3/4″)deep. The twiggy blossom clusters are 14cm wide, 7.5cm (3″) wide and 5.5cm (2 1/4″) wide. Additional blossom cluster 4cm (1 1/2″) wide. With 9 extra blossom and bud motifs, along with extra petal details and stamen details. The moon diameter is 15cm (6″) wide.

Illustrations below show the three sheets of this design.

Note: This is a delicate, detailed stencil with intricate bossom motifs and fine bridges. Care should be taken when lifting and positioning this design.

Left – the three sheets of this stencil pack.