Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil


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Flower and Calligraphy stencil
2 layer stencil on 2 sheets

The captivating Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil is a beautiful designer stencil based on historical Chinese Azalea flower studies and developed as a contemporary oriental flowers and branch design with integral decorative Chinese calligraphy motifs, originally meaning Winter and Summer. This easy to use stencil comes on two sheets as a two layer design – see size and layout specifications below.


The two sections of the versatile Chinese Azalea can be used to create random pattern repeats, or as a single frieze motif or repeated to create a border or trailing repeat wall pattern. The Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil is a smaller version of the Large Azalea Flower Stencil.

Above top and below – the Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil has been stencilled two sections on a panel covered in gold leaf in Very BerryWoodland, Coffee Bean and Antique Gold Stencil Paints,for an authentic Chinese effect, finished with Acrylic Gloss Varnish.

Above – Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil stencilled in Cerise and China Blue Stencil Paints on an pale blue background.

Above – Close up details of Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil in Very Berry, Azalea, Cerise, Blue Sage, Verbena, Mocha and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints on pale aqua and pink backgrounds. Above right – detail of integral calligraphy motifs ‘Winter’ (top) and ‘Summer’.

The Chinese Azalea Stencil is equally beautiful in single colour palettes or multi coloured schemes, as well as traditional Chinese colour schemes.

Above – the Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil repeated diagonally. This stencil can be repeated in several ways.  It can be repeated horizontally as a border or frieze; diagonally – great for going down stair walls, or it can repeated vertically to create all-over pattern.

See also the large version of this design the Large Azalea Flower Stencil – also the Cherry Blossom and Moon Stencil and Abstract Oriental Stencils, for complementary designs.

Stencil this design with our Stencil Paint or Fabric Paint ranges and our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges.

Above and below – Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil repeated as a frieze on a painted gloss black panel, stencilled in Ice White and Shoreline Stencil Paints.

The Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil can used as a single motif, or as here repeated twice, or as many times are desired to create an azalea flower border.

Stencilling in simple white creates a graphic silhouette effect.

Above and below – Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil shown in Very Berry, Azalea, Cerise, Blue Sage, Verbena, Mocha and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints; above on a white background, below on a pale aqua background.

Above – the stencil in Peony, English Rose and Seagull Stencil Paints on a white background

Above – two different variations of the Chinese Azalea Flower Stencil repeated vertically to create all-over pattern.

Product Specifications

Easy to use two layer stencil on two sheets. Can be used as a single motif or repeated as a border or repeat pattern. Comes with registration dots for horizontal repeat alignment and layer two registration.

The layer one design is 66cm (26″) wide x 37cm (14 1/2″) deep on a sheet 72cm (28 1/4″) wide x 44cm (17 1/4″) deep. Layer 2 – the leaf veins and stamens – align with the layer one shapes on the same sized sheet, with registration dots.

The width of a full blown flower is approximately 9cm (3 1/2″).

Left –  the two sheets of this stencil.