Chinoiserie Stencil 1


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Large wall panel Chinese wallpaper style stencil
Top of the range large design
2 sheet stencil

Large Chinoiserie Stencil 1 has been designed for stencillers demanding the highest quality designs for creating stunning effects.

Our beautiful Chinoiserie wall stencils are two different large stencil panels based on classic 18th century hand painted silks and wallpapers – depicting trees, full blown roses, blossom sprays, exotic birds and bugs – ideal for full length stencil drops and handmade wallpaper effects.

Each stencil panel is subtly different and designed to work individually or as a pair together. This page features Chinoiserie Stencil 1. See also Chinoiserie Stencil 2.  You can now purchase both stencils as a pair at a specially discounted price.


Hand painted chinoiserie panels and wallpaper are only available today at very high end prices – use these stencils to create your own unique hand painted effects at a fraction of the cost. Stencil on walls as feature panels or repeated wallpaper style in subtle tones or in bolder hues as exquisite wall art. Or for classic style stencil on panels above dado rails in tall rooms, on large screens and on cupboard doors.

Above top – Chinoiserie Stencil 1 is beautiful applied on a raw silk panel in Motif Fabric Paints: Magenta Pink, Strawberry Red, Leaf Green, Light Lime, Sunny Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Bright Purple and Pure White Fabric Paints.

Above– Chinoiserie Stencil 1 on a Chinese red background, stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint.

The Chinoiserie stencils are ideal for fabrics. Use to create stunning feature panels, or room dividers, or sumptuous full drop curtains.

The chinoiserie design can be stencilled in simple single colour schemes – such as white onto duck egg, chalky blue, navy or charcoal  backgrounds; or it can be stencilled in colours that emphasise the different features of the design. Classic colourways for this type of design include pinks, reds, greens and yellows on duck egg blue or aqua backgrounds – see bottom right for stencilling multi-coloured palettes for this design. Or try creating the sumptuous and always striking look of metallic stencil paints on black or red backgrounds.

See also Chinoiserie Stencil 2 and the Small Chinoiserie Stencil the same designs on a smaller scale, ideal for cabinets and smaller panels.

Stencil this oversize design with our Stencil Paint or Fabric Paint ranges and our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges.  Or use coloured spray paints – to cover large areas with subtle veils of colour.

Above – Chinoiserie Stencil 1 stencilled in a multi-coloured palette of Motif Stencil Paints – Mocha and Coffee Bean (branches, twigs), Arctic Grey, Mocha (rocks and ground), Eucalyptus, Hedgerow (leaves), French Lavender, Agapanthus (butterflies, flowers) and Sienna, Seville Orange, Harvest Gold Paradise Blue (bird details).

Above – Chinoiserie Stencil 1 stencilled silhouette style in Ice White Stencil Paint on deep chalky duck egg background. Use the Motif Stencil Roller for easy application for this technique.

Stencilling multi-coloured palettes – Chinoiserie Stencils:

Start by stencilling the ground, rocks and branches and twigs. Then stencil the leaves, followed by the flowers. Finally add the chosen colours for the birds and butterflies. If any colour is over-stencilled by another colour re-stencil the particular shapes with a small section of Stencil Sponge or small Deluxe Stencil Brush – both applicators are ideal for this kind of stencilling.

Product Specifications

This is a one layer stencil that comes in two sections with easy to use alignment dots for registration that align vertically to create one large panel.

The height of the complete panel is up to approximately 162cm (63.7″) by approximately 54.4cm (21.5″) wide.

The top section, as shown top left, is up to approximately 82cm (32″) high.

The bottom section, as shown bottom left, is up to approximately 85cm (33.5″) high.