Classic Moroccan Stencil


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Classic tile design stencil
For walls, floors, cushions and more
1 sheet stencil

The Classic Moroccan Stencil is a stunning geometric design inspired by the tiles and ceramics from Morocco, North Africa and beyond. Use this design for strong and dynamic geometric decorating, as a graphic single image or as a magical repeat to form a network of lines and patterns. Stencil in monochrome palettes or bright jewel like hues for a really sunny feel. One sheet medium sized stencil with registration dots for easy repeat alignment. See size and sheet layout specifications below.


This design is part of the new Moroccan Stencil Range. See full Moroccan Range listed below.

Above top – this stunning floor, bathed in colour and light, has been created with the Classic Moroccan Stencil. Great for a total transformation indoors or outdoors. Stencil Paints used here Very Berry, Paradise BlueChocolat, Harvest Gold, Seville Orange.

Above and below – to create this effect stencil the Classic Moroccan Stencil onto hardboard, MDF, plywood, even floorboards, smooth concrete or cement. Seal and protect with several coats of acrylic floor varnish for active areas. Use outdoor varnishes for stencilled surfaces outdoors.

The Classic Moroccan Stencil comes with full usage instructions for creating repeat wall and floor finishes.

Above and below – the Classic Moroccan Stencil in bright jewel colours – Very BerrySeville Orange, Bamboo Grove, Grassland, Willow, Atlantic Blue and Persian Blue Stencil Paints.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Stencil repeated in a block of six edges with the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil. Different colour layouts will bring out the different elements of this strong geometric design, forming and emphasising varied shapes and patterns. Colours as above.

Above – emphasis the lacy linear network of the Classic Moroccan Stencil by stencilling in the darker tones of Mocha Stencil Paint on an ivory. background

Above – Or create a classic Moroccan relief feel with Vanilla Stencil Paint on a khaki green or brown background.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Stencil shown with the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil in Vanilla Stencil Paint on a sage green background.

Above and below – the Classic Moroccan Stencil makes graphic impact on a canvas cushion cover. Stencilled in Motif Fabric Paint, first all-over in Taupe,  then over-stencilled and blushed with Strawberry Red and Gold.

Above – a single repeat of the Classic Moroccan Stencil with its striking pattern in bold Seville Orange.

Above and below – these kinds of colours are all over Morocco – at once colourful and restful. Colours shown here – Spring Vine,  EucalyptusSeville Orange, SiennaAtlantic Blue and Summer Skies Stencil Paints on an ivory background.

Above – six repeats of the Classic Moroccan Stencil. Try stencilling different colour layouts to emphasise the different elements of the design, forming varied interlacing shapes and patterns.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Stencil – here the colours are as above, but the red is replaced with Paradise Blue and Shoreline to create a more restful theme.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Stencil repeated in a block of six repeats showing the different interweaving patterns of this design. Colours as above.

Product Specifications

1 layer stencil on 125 micron mylar with easy to use registration dots for repeating motif as a tile design.

Overall Classic Moroccan motif measures up to 36cm/14″.
Registration dots 37cm/14.5″ apart..
Sheet size 41cm/16″ square.

Left – shows the layout of the stencil sheet of the Classic Moroccan Stencil with registration dots in four corners.