Coastal Birds Stencil 1


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Avocet and Seagulls Stencil
2 layer stencil

Create your own coastal style with the Coastal Birds Stencil 1. Bring the seashore outdoors to your decorating with these beautifully detailed coastal birds – the striking Avocet, baby Sandpiper and Seagulls. This easy to use two layer stencil is ideal for decorating walls, furniture and cushion covers in beach rooms and rooms where a coastal style is called for. See size specifications below and our Coastal Birds Stencil 2.


Above top – Coastal Birds Stencil 1 is great stencilled in simple monochromatic palettes – shown here in Shoreline, Arctic Grey (layer one) and Jet Black (layer two). The tonal effect is achieved by stencilling each paint colour around the edges of the cut out shapes, leaving the centre clear.

Above – Coastal Birds Stencil 1 shown in Coffee Bean, Mocha and Latte Stencil Paints.

Above – the Coastal Birds Stencil 1 is shown in tonal colours of  Storm, Charcoal and Jet Black Stencil Paints.

Above  – the Coastal Birds Stencil 1 is shown in simple tonal colours of  Shoreline, Arctic Grey and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints on a steel grey background.

Above  – the Coastal Birds Stencil 1 with Coastal Birds Stencil 2 is shown in graphics tones of  Jet Black, Charcoal Mixed with Ice White Stencil Paint on a soft grey background.

Above and below – the Coastal Birds Stencil 1 is shown here in a contemporary bathroom setting, New England style. Stencilled in simple tonal colours of  Shoreline, Arctic Grey and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints.

Also in the Coastal Birds range – Coastal Birds Stencil 2 and the Coastal Birds Border Stencil, which can all be used together. Fantastic stencils detailing sea birds such as the Avocet, Sandpiper and Seagulls.

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Above and below – Coastal Birds Stencil 1 has been used to decorate both a cushion cover and small decorative panel in a white-washed panelled room. A simple monochromatic palette of grey and black tones has been used to create this effect. Decorative board stencilled in Shoreline, Arctic Grey and Jet Black Stencil Paints.

Above and below – Coastal Birds Stencil 1 stencilled on a linen cushion cover in mixes of Pure White and True Black Fabric Paints.

Simple colours keep the effect light yet striking.

Different shades of white, off white and pale cream are a perfect backdrop to the charming motifs of Coastal Birds Stencil 1.

Above – Coastal Birds Stencil 1 shown with Coastal Birds Stencil 2, both stencilled onto decorative panels in Arctic Grey and Jet Black Stencil Paint.

Above – the Coastal Birds Border is shown here stencilled in repeat on a white painted strip on a pale grey wall in the monochrome palette of Shoreline, Arctic Grey and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paint.

Product Specifications

Two layer stencil on 125 micron mylar. Comes with easy to use registration dots.

The overall motif measures up to 23cm (9″) wide by 18cm (7″) deep.
The Avocet measures up to 20cm (8″) wide x 13cm (5″) deep.
Sheet size 27cm (10.5″) wide x 21.5cm (8.75″) tall.

Left – shows the layout of layer 1 and layer 2 of the Coastal Birds Stencil 1.