Coastal Toile Stencil


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Seaside Toile de Jouy Stencil
Detailed pictorial all-over repeat stencil
One sheet large stencil

Create on trend coastal style with the Coastal Toile Stencil with its nautical and seaside motifs rhythmically combined in a pictorial all-over repeat stencil design. This airy seascape stencil comprises 6 individual coastal motifs of boats and lighthouses, integrated with water, clouds and swooping sea birds.

Create stunning hand printed wallpaper effects and beautiful curtains and cushion covers with the Coastal Toile Stencil. Use coastal blues or greys on bleached white for authentic coastal style, or add a touch of faded red, or try white on contrasting blues and greys. See size and layout specifications below.


The authenticity of this design comes in its intricate detail, so like the original toile designs. Don’t be fooled into buying simpler versions – they just don’t look like an actual toile effect when stencilled onto your walls!

Above top and below – the Coastal Toile Stencil in soft bleached-out colours which give this linen cushion cover a lived in feel. Style with classic ticking and striped fabrics.

Above – this effect is great for comfy beach rooms. Stencil the Coastal Toile Stencil with Fabric Paints – make a soft grey with Pure White and True Black and a little Cobalt Blue and stencil the whole area. Then over-stencil with Strawberry Red and Cobalt Blue lightened with Pure White. Use Stencil Sponges to stencil lightly around the edges of the cut out shapes.

Above – to create a similar style for walls with the Coastal Toile Stencil, use the same technique as detailed above and stencil with Atlantic Blue, Duck Egg, Storm, Coffee BeanAzalea Stencil Paints.

Above – the Coastal Toile Stencil shown repeated on a chalky grey background – in Vanilla Stencil Paint.

See also our individual Coastal Toile Stencils – the Toile Sail Boats Stencil and Toile Lighthouse Stencil both taken from this stencil. And the Coastal Birds Stencil 1, Coastal Birds Stencil 2 and Coastal Birds Border Stencil.

Or for a rural toile use our Countryside Toile Stencil and individual Toile de Jouy motifs the Toile Oast House StencilToile Duck Pond StencilToile Shepherdess Stencil and Toile Courting Couple Stencil.

Above – create a light, airy coastal room with simply stencilled linen curtains and bleached wood panelling. The Coastal Toile Stencil is shown here in Cobalt Blue Fabric Paint on bleached white linen curtains.

Above – close up of linen curtains stencilled with the Coastal Toile Stencil in Cobalt Blue Fabric Paint – a bright take on a classic blue and white colour combination, very popular for toile designs.

Above – one repeat of the Coastal Toile Stencil shown in Ice White and Vanilla Stencil paint on a rich azure blue background.

Above – a single repeat of the Coastal Toile Stencil shown in classic blue toile colours ideally suited for contemporary coastal style – Navy Charcoal and Atlantic Blue Stencil Paint on an ivory background.

Above – the Coastal Toile Stencil shown repeated 6 times, stencilled lightly in Navy Charcoal Stencil Paint on a cream background. These soft tones are great for updated New England style decorating.

Above – the Coastal Toile Stencil shown in contemporary grey on a rose-cream background. This effect is achieved simply with Arctic Grey Stencil Paint blushed around the edges of each cut out shape of the stencil, for a muted dimensional effect. Shown here stencilled on a pale apricot background.

Product Specifications

Large one layer repeat stencil made of 125 micron Mylar.

One repeat of this large design covers an approximate area of 56cm (22″) wide x 62cm (24.25″) tall.
Largest sail boat motif within the design measures up to 20cm (8″) wide by 25cm (9.75″) tall at furthest points.
Largest lighthouse motif within the design measures up to 16cm (6.25″) wide by 26cm (10″) tall at furthest points.
Sheet size 61cm (24″) wide x 70cm (27.5″) tall.

Left – the layout of the Coastal Toile Stencil sheet.