Damask Repeat Stencil


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All-over pattern repeat damask stencil
2 layer 2 sheet

Intricate Damask style stencil for sumptuous wall treatments. Use the Damask Repeat Stencil to create a continuous pattern effect. This design is based on traditional 18th century wallpaper and works well in modern and classical settings. This repeat design is perfect for both walls and fabric, looking stunning as a hand printed wallpaper effect and as a continuous pattern repeat on drapes, blinds and other linens. Use bold colours to create drama or close-toned and metallic colours for classic damask effects.

Two sheet repeat stencil with easy to use registration dots for repeat algnment See size and layout specifications below.


Above top – the Damask Repeat Stencil used to decorate a bathroom
wall in Latte and Caramel Stencil Paints.

Above – close-up detail of the Damask Repeat Stencil in Caramel over stencilled with Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint, with layer two details in Butterscotch Stencil Paint.

For perfect results stencil this design using either our Stencil Sponges or Stencil Roller for efficient stencilling of larger areas and motifs.

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And the original Oversize Damask Stencil a single layer oversize repeat stencil of this design – fantastic for covering larger areas.

Above – the Damask Repeat Stencil repeated on cotton fabric to create a classic blue and white style curtain. Stenciled with Cobalt Blue and Pure White Fabric Paints (blue and white mixed together for first layer and blue on its own for second layer).

Curl up with a book in a newly decorated bedroom using the Damask Repeat Stencil.  Pillowcase decorated with Taupe Fabric Paint.

Above and below – The Damask Repeat Stencil stencilled onto a bedroom wall to create an all-over wallpaper effect. Layer 1 stencilled in Plum Blossom Stencil Paint, over-stencilled with Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint. Layer 2 details stencilled with Indian Purple Stencil Paint.

Above – Close-up detail of the Damask Repeat Stencil in French Lavender Stencil Paint over-stencilled with Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint, with layer 2 details stencilled in Indian Purple Stencil Paint.

Above – the Damask Repeat Stencil in tone-on-tone style colours. Here Raspberry Stencil Paint is mixed with a little Ice White Stencil Paint to stencil layer one in a crushed raspberry colour. Then layer two is stencilled just with the darker tone of the Rasperry Stencil Paint (unmixed).

Product Specifications

Two layer repeat stencil. Comes with easy to use registration dots for repeat alignment.

One repeat of the design covers an approximate area of 50cm (19 3/4″) wide by 41cm (16″) high at its widest points. The first layer comprises the main leaf and flower motifs; the second layer comprises the leaf and flower details and look terrific stencilled in either a contrasting colour or the original wall colour.

Left – the two sheets of the Damask Repeat Stencil – showng layer one and two.