Dotty Stars Stencil


Small star dot stencil
1 sheet stencil

The Dotty Stars Stencil is a charming star group made up of tiny dots.  The stencil contain a group of 5 dotty stars and small additional starry dots on one small stencil sheet. See size specification below.

Stars are popular shapes for decorating both walls and ceilings in bedrooms, studies and in children’s rooms. This star design is also fantastic for seasonal or winter decorating.

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Above – the Dotty Stars Stencil in Ice White Stencil Paint and Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint on dark purple wrapping paper.

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Above – the Dotty Stars Stencil in Gold Glitter Paint.

Above – the Dotty Stars Stencil repeated on blue wrapping paper, stencilled in Ice White and Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint.

Above – close up details of the Dotty Stars Stencil in Oasis Stencil Paint and Gold Glitter Paint.

Product Specifications

This single sheet stencil is made of 125 micron mylar.

The overall dotty star motif measures up to 16cm (6 1/4″) deep x 11cm (4 1/4″) across.
The largest dotty star measures up to 7cm (2 3/4″) across.
The five spoke stars measure up to 2.5cm (1″) across.
Sheet Size 24cm (9 1/2″) deep x 18cm (7″) wide.

Left – layout of the stencil sheet of the Dotty Stars Stencil.

Additional information

Weight 44 g


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