Fancy Cake Folk Stencil


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Charming Indian folk style celebration stencil

The three pretty motifs of the Fancy Cake Folk Stencil are based on traditional Indian wood block designs. These charming mandala style motifs are fantastic for decorating special occasion cakes and tarts, as well as for greetings cards and small home accessories. This one sheet stencil comes with three mandala style motifs which can be used together or separately. The designs are just detailed enough to create impact, but simple enough for stencilling those special ingredients, such as melted chocolate and icing! The largest design measures 12cm/4.75” across and smallest 8cm/3.2” across. See full size and layout specifications below.


Above top – the three motifs of the Fancy Cake Folk Stencil have been used to create two special cakes stencilled with dark melted chocolate and luscious red icing on white fondant icing.

Above and below – the two smaller motifs of this stencil have been stencilled in a random pattern of whole and cropped motifs using red icing on a square celebration cake, covered with white fondant icing. The red icing has been made with icing sugar mixed with a little lemon juice and coloured with a good dash of red and a few drops of yellow food colouring. The mixture is made to the consistency of a firm paste and stencilled with a credit card!

Above – close up detail of the glossy red icing stencilling – the imperfections add to the charm!!

Above and below – the three motifs of this stencil have been used to create beautiful greetings cards and gift tags. Our Brown Craft Cards have been stencilled in Caramel Stencil Paint, over-stencilled with Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint (left) and Butterscotch Stencil Paint and Antique Gold Stencil Paint (right). Small gift card handmade and stencilled in Silver Lights Metallic Stencil Paint and Rainbow Glitter Paint.

Above – the stencil motifs have been applied so that they wrap around the back of the card as well – these particular designs ‘crop’ well and still have a strong visual effect even when only sections are used or are visible.

Use our Brown and White Gift Cards to create your own range of celebration cards.

Above – the three motifs of the Fancy Cake Folk Stencil shown in Ice White Stencil Paint on a cherry red background.

Above and below – the largest motif of the Fancy Cake Folk Stencil has been stencilled in dark melted chocolate onto a white iced celebration fruit cake. See our full guide on stencilling with chocolate for step by step instructions. Melt good quality dark chocolate over hot water, allow to cool and stencil with a credit card or large flat blade. This is the perfect way to make an unimposing cake into something very special.

Above – close up detail of dark melted chocolate stencilling – this has a wonderful dark glossy finish.

Above and below – the two larger motifs of this stencil in Very Berry Stencil Paint, over-stencilled with Rainbow Glitter Paint on our Brown Craft Cards.

Above – close up detail of the middle sized motif of this stencil theme pack – 10cm/4.75” at widest points.

Product Specifications

The Fancy Cake Folk Stencil is a small one sheet stencil comprising three mandala style motifs. On 125 micron Mylar.

Largest motif (top left) measures 12cm/4.75” at widest points.

Second largest motif (bottom left) measures 10cm/4.75” at widest points .

Smallest motif (middle right) measures 8cm/3.2” at widest points.

Left – the layout of the Fancy Cake Folk Stencil sheet.