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Beautiful botanical & fruit stencil
2 sheet stencil

Grapevine Stencils finally get a makeover! The graceful new Grapevine Stencil is beautiful and elegant. Inspired by tumbling vines and full bunches of grapes, this design is perfect used as a single motif or repeated as a border or in continuous patterns – whatever suits your style. The grapevine is a versatile motif that suits bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens and is perfect for fabric, walls and furniture.

The Grapevine Stencil is a medium sized two sheet stencil comprising one main grapevine motif and 12 additional motifs of leaves, grapes and tendrels, to add to and extend the main motif. This very versatile stencil will allow you to grow and extend your own grapevine design to fit any space required. See size and layout specifications below.

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Stencil the Grapevine Stencil in natural greens and purples, as well as single colours such as purple, or grey or contemporary black. Or try warm ochres and browns or golds on black.

Above top – the main motif of the Grapevine Stencil with the additional motifs of leaves, grapes and tendrels added to create a falling group. The design can be extended in this way into any desired layout. Stencilled here in Plum Blossom, Indian PurpleEucalyptusWoodland and Olive Grove on a mint background.

See also the Trailing leaves Theme Pack.

Stencil this design with our Stencil Paint or Fabric Paint ranges and our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges.

Above – the main motif of the Grapevine Stencil in Agapanthus, Indian Purple Woodland and Olive Grove Stencil Paints on a pale lavender background.

Above – some of the additional grapevine motifs grouped together, stencilled in Agapanthus, indian Purple, Woodland and Olive Grove Stencil Paints on a pale pink background.

Above – the main motif of the Grapevine Stencil shown as a border repeat – one motif repeated directly next to  the last. Stencilled here in Emerald Forest, Eucalyptus, French Lavender and Agapanthus Stencil Paints on a lavender background.

Above – the main motif of the Grapevine Stencil, stencilled as a repeat motif – repeated first as a horizontal border and then with the second row of motifs being repeated directly underneath the first – known as a square repeat.  Stencilled here in Storm and French Lavender Stencil Paint on a lavender background to create a sophisticated monochrome palette.

Above – the main motif of the Grapevine Stencil shown as a repeat motif – this time as a diagonal repeat. This is achieved by first repeating the stencil as a horizontal border and then stencilling the first stencil of the second row half way between the first two motifs of the first row and then repeating this distance for each successive repeat and each successive row. Stencilled here in Arctic Grey on a mid-tone grey background to create a contemporary monochromatic effect.

Product Specifications

Easy to use one layer stencil on two sheets of 125 micron mylar. Sheet size 36cm (14″) deep x 31cm (12″) wide.

Stencil measurements:

Sheet 1: Main grapevine motif – 33cm (13″) long x 28cm (11″) across at widest points.

Sheet 2:
3 additional leaf and grape motifs from 15cm (6″) long x 6cm (2 1/4″) wide to 24cm (9 1/2″) deep x 12cm (4 3/4″) wide.
2 additional leaf motifs up to 10cm (4″) long.
2 additional grape bunches up to 11cm (4 1/4″) long.
5 additional tendrels from 2.5cm (1″) to 5cm (2″) long.

Left- the layout of the 2 sheets of the Grapevine Stencil.

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