Heron Stencil 2


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Heron Stencil 2
© Henny Donovan Motif
Large elegant two layer bird stencil

Heron Stencil 2 is a beautifully elegant and tall bird stencil in two layers.  Inspired by both the grey and blue heron these special birds have long standing mythological roots in both Ancient Egypt and Greece, symbolising creation, rebirth and the messenger.

Their distinctive tall forms make striking statement motifs for walls, murals, panels, wardrobes, fabrics and more. Stencil in natural tones of white, grey, blue, black with brown accents. Two sheet, two layer bird stencil See layout and size specifications below.


Above top –  Heron Stencil 2 with our Lotus Waterlily Stencil 4 Theme Pack.  Heron Stencil 2 and water swirls are shown in Chinoiserie, Duck Egg, Ice White, Shoreline, Arctic Grey and Jet Black Stencil Paints. Lotus Waterlilies are shown in Ice White (Flowers), Spearmint, Willow, Yellow Ochre Stencil Paints (leaves).

Above – Heron Stencil 2 with our Lotus Waterlilies Stencils and Little Japanese Koi Stencil on a dramatic gold, gilded board.  Heron Stencil 2 and water swirls stencilled in Chinoiserie, Duck Egg, Ice White, Shoreline, Arctic Grey, Jet Black and Sienna Stencil Paints. Little Japanese Koi swim amongst the flowers and water swirls -stencilled in a restricted palette of Sienna, Orchid, Flame Red and Charcoal Stencil Paints. Lotus Waterlilies stencilled in Ice White, Spearmint (Flowers), Eucalyptus, Olive Grove, Woodland, Verbena, Blue Sage, Willow (leaves). To the left of the heron is Lotus Waterlily Stencil 2, below the leaf and flower motifs from Lotus Waterlily Stencil 4 Theme Pack.  Peeking onto the board at the top, Lotus Waterlily Stencil 1, top left, and Lotus Waterlily Stencil 3, top right.

Above – charming mural design using Heron Stencil 2 amidst the motifs of the Lotus Waterlily Stencils. To the right of the heron is Lotus Waterlily Stencil 3, with motifs from Lotus Waterlily Stencil 4 Theme Pack.  To the left of the heron is the Lotus Waterlily Stencil 2, with Lotus Waterlily Stencil 1 above. The Little and Medium Japanese Koi swim amongst the flowers and water swirls. All shown in a soft palette of greys, blues, reds and greens stencil paints.

Above – the tall heron stands in water with the Little Japanese Koi swimming around his feet on a deep green background. Heron Stencil 2 with its integral water swirls are shown stencilled in Ice White, Shoreline, Arctic Grey, Charcoal, Jet Black Stencil Paints with Seville Orange and Mocha Stencil Paint accents.  Little Japanese Koi shown swimming around the heron in Seville Orange, Caramel, Very Berry, Flame Red, Charcoal and Jet Black.  See below right for graduated painting techniques.

Above –  the two layer heron and water swirl motifs of this stencil shown here in Ice White, Chinoiserie, Atlantic Blue, Jet Black, Shoreline, Arctic Grey, Charcoal, Mocha and Sienna Stencil Paints. Eye details in Verbena and Harvest Gold, on a muted, pale grey-green background.

Above – Heron Stencil 2 features here as part of a stair mural amidst our Lotus Waterlilies Stencils. Layer one of the heron is stencilled in mixes of Duck Egg, Chinoiserie, Atlantic Blue, Charcoal, Jet Black and Sienna, with eye details in Oasis and Harvest Gold. Layer two is stencilled in Ice White, Arctic Grey, Sienna and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints.

Above –  Stair mural with our beautiful heron amidst our Lotus Waterlilies Stencils! Top right Lotus Waterlily Stencil 1. Bottom right Lotus Waterlily Stencil 3, with its charming kingfishers. To left of heron Lotus Waterlily Stencil 2, with motifs from Lotus Waterlily Stencil 4 Theme Pack below.  Little Japanese Koi swimming throughout the scene. Stencil Paint colours for heron as above.  For Lotus Waterlily Stencils – leaves in Willow, Ash Green, Eucalyptus, Olive Grove. Flowers in Ice White and Shoreline with Verbena and Harvest Gold centres. Kingfishers in Seville Orange and Persian Blue.  Fish in Sienna, Very Berry and Charcoal.

Above –  Heron Stencil 2 amidst the flower and leaf motifs of Lotus Waterlily Stencil 4 Theme Pack.

Above – the Heron 2 and Japanese Koi stencils are stunning on a deeply vibrant turquoise blue background. Heron and water swirls shown in Chinoiserie, Ice White,  Arctic Grey, Charcoal, Jet Black Stencil Paints  with Seville Orange, Mocha and Coffee Bean accents.  Little and Medium Japanese Koi shown in Chinoiserie, Persian Blue, Seville Orange, CaramelVery Berry, Charcoal and Jet Black.

Above – our heron stencil shown in simple blues and greys –  Shoreline, Arctic Grey, Charcoal, Chinoiserie, Grassland, Ice White, Vanilla, Jet Black and Mocha Stencil Paints.

Graduated Painted Background Technique

A graduated painted background can be achieved by using two similar tones of emulsion paint (latex) and a tinted varnish glaze over the top. This technique will not work with radically different colours – keep the tones similar so mixing is easier. Mix a third of each colour together to create a mid-tone colour and paint the wall in horizontal bands dark to light, brushing the colours lightly over each other at the joining bands to create as softer join as possible. Keep strokes long, smooth and horizontal. Mix a varnish glaze using 2/3rd Acrylic Matt Varnish, 1/3rd Acrylic Scumble Glaze. Add a little water if the glaze is much thicker than the consistency of double cream. Tint the glaze with several drops of Universal Tinter to create a transparent glaze a couple of shades deeper than the middle tone of your painted wall. Brush the glaze over the wall and soften in long smooth strokes using a soft brush.

Product Specifications Heron Stencil 2

© Henny Donovan Motif

Easy to use two layer stencil on two sheets of 125 micron mylar, with extra layer eye detail.

Stencil comes with easy to use registration guides to align both layers accurately.

Left top

Layer one of Heron Stencil 2 with water swirls motifs measures up to 72cm/28.25″ tall x 39cm/15.25″ across.
Heron on it’s own measures up to 61cm/24″ tall x 38cm/15″ wide
On sheet size 79cm/31″ high x 50cm/19.75″ wide.

Left bottom

Layer two of Heron Stencil 2 with head, wing and leg details.

© Henny Donovan Motif

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