Japanese Chrysanthemum Stencil


Made to Order Stencil
Classic Japanese Chrysanthemum design
3 sheet stencil

This stencil is a made to order item only available through pre-order. To pre-order this stencil pay and order online as usual. We will then cut the stencil for you in our next stock cut and despatch to you as soon as your order is ready. This process can take up to 28 days. Order confirmation will be emailed to you on receipt of order payment and despatch confirmation will be emailed when your stencil is ready. Please be aware Made to Order stencils are non returnable.

The Japanese Water Chrysanthemum Stencil – a simple, modern Japanese style chrysanthemum stencil. The design has both positive and negative flower images, surrounded by simple water lines and floating petals.


The Japanese Chrysanthemum stencil is ideal for creating random effects on walls, panels, furniture, fabrics, bedlinen and cushion covers. This three sheet stencil allows you to arrange the chrysanthemums to suit your own scheme – spacing the flowers further apart for a simple more sparse feeling or closer together for a concentrated pattern effect.

Above – Japanese Water Chrysanthemum stencilled softly in contemporary Estuary Grey and Seagull Stencil Paints on a pale grey wall.

Above and below – the Japanese Water Chrysanthemum Stencil is used here to create a classic lacquerware Oriental Cabinet with an effective modern twist – as featured in BBC Good Homes Magazine item on creating an Oriental sideboard. Image: © BBC Good Homes Magazine – www.bbc.co.uk

Above – the Japanese Water Chrysanthemum Stencil in Sesame Stencil Paint, ‘blushed’ lightly with Estuary Grey Stencil Paint.

This design lends itself to a range of colour schemes, working in different colours on different coloured backgrounds – it can be stencilled in muted colourways or bold, striking colours for contrast and graphic appeal. Try stencilling white or pastel greys on black or charcoal, or strong pinks on grey or blue. Or use classic, rich red on white, or white on red! Or use subtle metallics to give a subtle, lustrous effect that changes in different lighting – try our Metallic Stencil Paints or Interference Paints for this.

Stencil Rollers make stencilling this stencil even easier, particularly if you are stencilling white onto deeper base colours – the roller will help to build opacity.

See also the Oversize Japanese Chrysanthemum Stencil.

Above – Japanese Water Chrysanthemum stencilled in Very Berry, ‘blushed’ lightly with Campanula Stencil Paints.

Above – Japanese Water Chrysanthemums stencilled in Cerise Stencil Paint on a pale blue background.

Above – Japanese Water Chrysanthemum in Ice White Stencil Paint on black background – shows three sections repeated together.

Above – the Japanese Water Chrysanthemum Stencil motifs grouped together and stencilled in Eau de Nil and Estuary Grey Stencil Paints.

Product Specifications

One layer design. Comes in three sheets/separate stencil sections. The chrysanthemum flower sizes range from 20cm/8″ to 23cm/9″ at their widest points (widest petal tips), with both positive and negative flowers arranged on each sheet, with water marks. See right for illustration of each section. This stencil is easy to use.

Left the 3 sheets of this stencil pack.

Additional information

Weight 1001 g