Lace Border and Corner Stencil


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Delicate lace style, deep damask edging stencil
2 sheet stencil

The Lace Border & Corner Stencil is a stunning damask style lace border, based on delicate 18th Century lace patterns and interpreted for today’s classic contemporary styles. Perfect for traditional and contemporary schemes alike this stencil can be used to create intricate damask effects and delicate edging on walls and fabrics and for adding beautiful painted effects on floors. Use the versatile two sheet border and corner sections together or separately to create a variety of effects – see size and layout specifications below.


Above top – the Lace Border and Corner Stencil in Latte Stencil paint on an oatmeal coloured floor.

Stencil the Lace Border & Corner Stencil onto walls at ceiling or dado height or above skirting boards – using the stencil facing up or facing down. Try stencilling in white or pastel tones on mid-coloured or darker coloured backgrounds, or stencil in chalky pastel shades or bold colours on white or pale tinted backgrounds. The design will appear soft and lacy in chalky pale tones and crisp and defined in contrasting colours.

Above – the corner and border sections of this stencil in French Lavender Stencil Paint on a pale lavender coloured background.

This stencil also works extremely well on voile curtain panels to create a lace effect – use pale shades of cream, stone or grey on natural coloured fabrics to create a soft lacy look. Or for a damask effect stencil onto linen or cotton for tablecloths and bedspreads in soft subtle shades for understated effects or more contrasting colourways for crisp elegant style. Our Fabric Paints give permanent results on natural fabrics.

Use our Stencil Rollers for easy application of this stencil – they are easy and quick to use and also very good for delicate stencils as they don’t pull up delicate shapes.

See also the Coastal Birds Border Stencil for New England style, the Large Hibiscus Border Stencil for beautiful floral effects and the Indian Floral Damask Border Stencil, Gujarat Indian Border Stencil and Manipur Indian Border Stencil as alternative intricate patterned borders.

Above – Lace Border & Corner Stencil in Shoreline on whitewashed country floorboards (the whitewash is a mixture of Acrylic Matt Varnish and off-white emulsion/latex).

Above – Lace Border & Corner sections stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint on a slate-blue background.

Above – Lace Border & Corner sections stencilled in Navy Charcoal on a pale grey background.

Above – Lace Border stencilled in a mix of Taupe Fabric Paint on an ivory voile curtain – for a soft lace-like effect

Above – Lace Border & Corner sections shown repeated bordering a square, stencilled in Eucalyptus Stencil Paint on a duck egg background.

Above – the same layout stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint on a dark charcoal background.

Above – Lace border section inverted and stencilled in Alba Rose Stencil Paints on a duck egg background.

Product Specifications

One layer stencil in two sections – a border motif and corner motif to use together or independantly. Comes with easy to use registration dots for repeat alignment.

The border motif measures up to 62cm (24 1/2″) wide x 18.5cm (7 1/4″) deep with one wide repeat on the sheet, as ilustrated below.

The corner motif measures up to 21cm (8 1/4″) wide x 20cm (8″) deep as illustrated Left.

Left – the border (top) and corner (left) section of this stencil.