Large Japanese Larch Stencil


Beautiful large botanical long needled larch stencil
1 sheet large designer stencil

The Large Japanese Larch Stencil – is a new large botanical stencil inspired by original Japanese prints and based on Henny’s striking drawings of the large needle clusters of the ‘Larix Kaempferi’ Japanese Larch. This stencil is ideal for creating striking starburst designer touches to walls and fabrics and is excellent stencilled as a repeat design or as a striking single motif.  It works perfectly in soft fir greens and in striking silhouette colours, amplifying it’s Japanese style!

Easy to use designer stencil on one large sheet with 1 large larch motif, twigs and cones. See size specifications below.


Above and top – the complete motif of the Large Japanese Larch Stencil shown in Eucalyptus, Olive Grove, Woodland Stencil Paints (larch needles) and Coffee Bean and Mocha Stencil Paints (twigs and cones) on a pale green background.

Above – the Large Japanese Larch Stencil repeated in a block of four. Shown in Emerald Forest, Woodland Stencil Paints (larch needles) and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints (twigs and cones) on a pale lime background.

Above – the Japanese Larch Stencil shown as a soft silhouette Bamboo Grove Stencil Paint (larch needles) and Nougat Stencil Paint (twigs and cones) on an emerald background.

Also see the smaller Japanese Larch Stencil for three integrated larch motifs.

Above and below – the Large Japanese Larch Stencil has been stencilled onto dark green silk taffeta to create this sumptuous curtain. The large single motif has been repeated and rotated with each repeat to create a many-motif effect.

Above – close up detail of silk taffeta curtain showing the full single motif of the Large Japanese Larch Stencil. Stencilled in Motif Fabric Paint, first in Pure White and over-stencilled in Light Lime and Gold.

Above – stencilling the Large Japanese Larch Stencil onto good quality fabrics is an easy way to create stunning original curtains. Motif Fabric Paints, once ironed with a hot iron, have a high standard of colour fastness withstanding light and repeated washing very well.

Above – this stunning effect has been achieved by rotating the stencil motif each time it is repeated and slightly interlocking the motifs to give this flow of pattern and exquisitely Japanese style effect. Using a good quality paint such as Motif Fabric Paint will ensure good results.

Above – for festive effects stencil the Japanese Larch Stencil on scarlet in Vanilla and Evening Primrose Stencil paints.

Above – rotating the Large Japanese Larch Stencil just 45 degrees creates an altogether different effect. Shown here in Nougat, Shoreline and Eucalyptus Stencil Paints on a slate coloured background.

Product Specifications

One layer stencil on one large sheet of 125 micron Mylar.

Overall motif measures up to 62cm/24.5″ wide x 54cm/21.25″ tall, including small needle cluster on left. Sheet size 70cm/27.5″ wide x 62cm/24.5″ high.

Left – shows the layout of the Large Japanese Larch Stencil.