Large Tiger Stencil


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Large Crouching Tiger and Grass motif
4 sheet tiger and grasses stencil

© Henny Donovan Motif

Our fantastic tiger stencil – the Large Tiger Stencil – shows this animal’s amazing rippling strength, movement and drama. Use it to add real impact to a decorative feature mural or on fabric and cushion covers. Stencil in bold ‘tiger’ colours, as here, or try a more sophisticated and oriental effect with gold leaf!

Four sheet stencil containing a three layer tiger motif and extra grass motif. See size and layout specifications below.


Above top and below – for ‘tiger in the room’ appeal the Large Tiger has been stencilled onto an oversized cushion cover in Sunny Yellow, True Black, Bright Green, Pure White and Gold Fabric Paints.

Above – the Large Tiger Stencil in a two colour palette of Arctic Grey and Jet Black Stencil Paint.

For perfect results stencil this design using either our Stencil Roller and Stencil Sponges for easier stencilling of larger areas and motifs.

Above and below – the Large Tiger stencilled in Harvest Gold, Seville Orange, Butterscotch (layer one) with mouth in Very Berry Stencil Paint, Jet Black Stencil Paint (layer two stripes), Verbena and Silver Lights Metallic Stencil paint (layer three) and grasses in Latte Stencil Paint and Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint (layer four). Below – close up detail in the same colours.

Above – the Large Tiger stencilled silhouette style in Shoreline and Jet Black Stencil Paint on a black background and repeated in rows.

Above – the Large Tiger Stencil simply stencilled in two colours – in Latte and Jet Black Stencil Paint.

Product Specifications

Stencil on 4 sheets. The tiger motif comes in three layers and measures approximately 61cm (24″) high by 41cm (16″) wide, at outer points. The grass is a separate fourth layer designed to fit around the contours of the tiger’s body and is included in this pack – it measures approximately 74cm (29″) high by 59cm (23″) wide.

Left – layout of the four stencil sheets of this stencil pack.

© Henny Donovan Motif

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