Little Bugs Stencil


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NEW! Little Bugs Stencil
Charming collection of bees, butterflies and dragonflies in flight.

The Little Bugs Stencil combines busy bees , fluttery butterflies and dancing dragonflies. Perfect for adding pops of pattern and colour to all sorts of clothing, home accessories and furniture. The stencil works superbly repeated on wrapping paper and as tiny motifs on gift tags. This design is also wonderful for adding bug motifs to our Flower Stencils and Chinoiserie Stencils.

Small single sheet stencil- see size and layout specifications below.


Above top and below – the Little Bugs Stencil can transform a plain gift bag into something special. Why not add that extra touch to your presents this year? Use this jolly stencil with our fantastic Stencil Paint and Fabric Paint Ranges. This effect is very easy to achieve and if you need any tips please take a look at our free How to Stencil Guide.

Motifs from the Little Bugs Stencil will certainly bring alive our Wild Flower Stencils and Chinoiserie Stencils!

Above – A closer view of the stencilled gift bag. Fabric Paint colours used include Royal Purple and Cobalt Blue.

Above – use the Little Bugs Stencil to create a soft looking wrapping paper using pastel Stencil Paint colours such as Chinoiserie, Orchid, Peony, Forget-me-not, Evening Primrose and Arctic Grey.

Above – or a striking looking wrapping paper is achieved by using bold Stencil Paint colours such as Atlantic Blue blended with Sea Green, Harvest Gold, Seville Orange and Jet Black.

Above – the motifs of the Little Bugs Stencil are repeated randomly together in Chinoiserie, Duck Egg, Paradise Blue, Orchid, Peony, Forget-me-not, French Lavender, Harvest Gold and Arctic Grey Stencil Paints.

Above – here the Little Bugs Stencil sheet is repeated horizontally and vertically to produce this all-over pattern effect. Shown in soft tones of Plum Blossom, Forget-me-not, French Lavender Stencil Paints on a dusky lavender background

BEEcause we BEElieve this stencil makes a charming motif for any trinket box! Pick out your favourite motifs and position them how you desire. Here the bee motifs of the Little Bugs Stencil have been embellished with a flying trail of hand painted dots… easy to improvise with a steady hand and a fine Sable Brush.

Above- Stencil Paints used on the little bees –  Harvest Gold, Charcoal and Summer Skies (on wing tips).

Above – The butterfly motifs of the Little Bugs Stencil have been picked out and repeated in a flying group. Shown in Indian Purple, French Lavender, Forget-me-not and Arctic Grey Stencil Paints.

Above – the three bee motifs of the Little Bugs Stencil in Harvest Gold, Charcoal, Shoreline Stencil Paints on a pale peach background.

Above – the four dragonfly motifs of the Little Bugs Stencil repeated in a random arrangement. Shown in Forget-me-not, French Lavender, Indian Purple, Chinoiserie, Summer Skies, Emerald Forest Stencil Paints on a pale mauve background.

Above – create a magical frieze of exotic birds and bugs with the Little Hummingbird Stencil, the Little Lovebirds Stencil and motifs from this stencil. Shown here in a bright multiple palette of – Indian Purple, Lavender, Cerise, Very Berry, Flame Red, Harvest Gold, Hedgerow, Verbena, Oasis, Willow,  Emerald Forest, Persian Blue and Summer Skies Stencil Paints.

Specifications – Little Bugs Stencil

One layer stencil on one sheet of 125 micron Mylar. This little theme pack contains 4 different dragonfly motifs, 3 different bee motifs, two different butterfly motifs.

Sheet size 31cm/12″ tall x 21cm/8.25″ wide

Largest dragonfly approximately up to 8.5cm/3.75″ at widest points.
Smallest dragonfly approximately up to 4.6cm/1.75″ at widest points.
Largest butterfly approximately up to 5cm/2″ at widest points.
Largest bee approximately up to 3.6cm/1.5″ at widest points.
Smallest bee approximately up to 2.4cm/1″ at widest points.

Left – layout of stencil sheet

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