Little Butterflies Stencil 2


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The Little Butterflies Stencils are two different sets of small butterfly stencils.
Little Butterflies Stencil 1 and Little Butterflies Stencil 2 can be used individually or together to create a host of pretty butterfly arrangements and themes. Use on furniture, accessories, clothes, cushions and on greetings and invitiation cards. Or use as groups on walls and fabrics to create random flying butterfly effects. See size and layout specifications below.


Little Butterflies Stencil 2 – this stencil comprises 17 little butterflies grouped together on one sheet.  Perfect for adding pretty touches to furniture, accessories and cards and for pretty repeat patterns on walls and fabrics.

Above – Little Butterflies Stencil 2 in multiple bright colours – Very Berry, English RoseHarvest Gold, Seville Orange, Verbena, Ash Green, Paradise Blue and Chinoiserie Stencil Paints.

Above – the Little Butterflies Stencil 2 repeated in horizontal rows, stencilled in Very Berry and Cerise Stencil Paints on a very pale pink background.

Also see the Oriental Butterflies Stencil and Garden Butterflies Stencil for larger butterfly designs, as well as our Dragonfly Stencil for creating pretty bug murals – perfect for children’s rooms.

Above – Little Butterflies Stencil 2 in Ice White on a purple background.

Above – Little Butterflies Stencil 2 in French Lavender and China Blue Stencil Paints.

Above – the Little Butterflies Stencil 1 repeated in horizontal rows in bright primary colours – in each repeat of the stencil the same butterflies are stencilled in the same colour to create a uniform pattern effect. Stencil Paints used here Very Berry, Damask RoseAsh Green, VerbenaSeville Orange and Harvest Gold Stencil Paints.

Above – Little Butterflies Stencil 1 and Little Butterflies Stencil 2 repeated in horizontal rows stencilled in Cerise and Very Berry Stencil paints.

Above – Little Butterflies Stencil 1 and Little Butterflies Stencil 2 stencilled together in Ice White Stencil Paint on a dusky pink background.

Product Specifications

17 different sized butterfly motifs of four different butterfly designs. Largest butterfly motif is up to 6cm (2 1/4″) wide, smallest is 1.3cm (1/2″) wide. Sheet size up to 21cm (8 1/4″) wide x 29.5cm (11 1/2″) deep.  Illustrated below.