Little Ivy Stencil


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Delicate, detailed ivy motif

© Henny Donovan Motif

2 layer stencil – ideal for cards

The Little Ivy Stencil is a compact detailed two layer ivy motif designed for gift cards and for small accessories and home wares. The unique layering creates very realistic leaf veins, giving this ivy stencil a life-like appearance like no other ivy stencils. See size and layout specifications below.


Stencilling the first layer of this design in varying and contrasting tones, gives the overall finish, when the second layer is added in darker tones, of luminosity!

Little Ivy and Trailing Clematis Leaves Stencils

Ivy is a great botanical motif for both festive decorating and for adding classic leaf touches to other stencil projects. Use this stencil with our other festive stencils and leaf and vine stencils. Shown here with our Trailing Clematis Leaves Theme Pack Stencil.

Above – create stunning festive place settings with the Little Ivy Stencil in Motif Fabric Paints on plain linen napkins.

Above – this design is brilliant for creating dramatic leaf effects. Adding colour variations to the first layer gives real depth when the second layer is added. The leaf veins are created by the ‘negative’ shapes of the second layer – a unique design approach developed by Henny for realistic ivy stencilling. Stencil Paints used here  Verbena, Olive Grove, Seville Orange, Chocolat (layer one leaf shapes and stems), Woodland (layer two negative leaf vein shapes).

Little Ivy and Wild Vines Stencils

Above – this design works brilliant with our Wild Vine, Vetch and Clematis Stencil.

Above – the Little Ivy Stencil with the Holly Stencil, great for festive decorating. Use Verbena, Hedgerow, Woodland and Very Berry Stencil Paints for this effect.

Above – the Little Ivy Stencil in vibrant greens. Stencilling the first layer in bright Verbena and Lime Blossom Stencil Paints and the second layer in darker Woodland Stencil Paint, gives this dramatic, life-like effect. Stems in Chocolat Stencil Paint.

Above – the Little Ivy Stencil in Autumnal-Wintry tones on one of our plain White Square Cards. Stencilled here in Very BerryGrassland, Verbena, Chocolat (layer one) and Woodland mixed with a little Coffee Bean Stencil Paint for a really dark green (layer two negative leaf vein shapes).

Above – the Little Ivy Stencil in bright greens on one of our plain White Square Cards. Stencilled in Oasis, Verbena, Coffee Bean Stencil Paints (layer one) and Woodland Stencil Paint (layer two).

Above – create your own gift cards with the Little Ivy Stencil and our blank White Square Cards.

Above – rotate and tilt the Little Ivy Stencil to create different layout effects.

Above – try this beautiful stencil with our  Pine Cones Stencil.

Product Specifications
Little Ivy Stencil

© Henny Donovan Motif

The Little Ivy Stencil is a one sheet two layer stencil, with registration dots for aligning the both layers. On 125 micron Mylar. With full usage instructions.

Ivy motif is up to 12.7cm/5″ wide x 12.7cm/5″ tall. Dimensions can be altered by tilting and rotating the design.
Largest ivy leaf up to 4cm/1.5″ across.
Sheet size 31cm/12″ tall by 19cm/7.5″ wide.

Left – the Little Ivy Stencil sheet showing the layout of both layers and registration dots.

© Henny Donovan Motif

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