Little Wild Poppies Stencil


NEW! Delicate wild poppy motifs
Small single sheet stencil

The Little Wild Poppies Stencil is a beautiful new addition to our poppy stencil collection. Inspired by wild Welsh Poppies that grow extensively in cottage gardens, along stone walls and between cracks in paving stones, that create a  warm bloom of yellow colour throughout the summer months. The Little Wild Poppies Stencil is the first to be released from our forthcoming new stencil range ‘Wild Botanicals – wild flowers of the hedgerow and woodland of the Brecon Beacons’.

This charming little wild flower stencil depicts 3 poppies swaying in the breeze, with 2 flower buds, a tapering seed pod and detailed foliage – all on one small stencil sheet. Perfect for stencilling on soft furnishings, clothing and home accessories, as well as greeting cards and wrapping paper for all occasions.

Stencil in natural wild poppy colours, or bright contemporary colours, or silhouette style for simple impact. Stencil as a single motif or repeated randomly or in rows or columns. Easy to use small one sheet stencil – see size and layout specifications below.

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Above top –  the Little Wild Poppies Stencil adds instant charm to this simple white tray. Stencilled in Welsh poppy colours – Harvest Gold Stencil Paint (flowers, buds), Olive, Woodland and Verbena Stencil Paint (leaves, stems, buds), Jet Black Stencil Paints (flower centres and stamens).

Above – the Little Wild Poppies Stencil has been repeated around the bottom of a soft white gauzy skirt. Stencilled in Strawberry Red, Leaf Green, True Black Fabric Paints – an amazing transformation!


Above – try stencilling different aspects of this stencil by masking off the surrounding cut off shapes and using different motifs to add to the original design or as smaller motifs for gift tags or small items. Here the top flower has been rotated and added to give the stencil motif more height. Shown stencilled in Very Berry and Cerise (flowers, buds), Olive Grove and Woodland (leaves, stems, buds) and Jet Black Stencil Paints (flower centres, stamens).

Above – a bit of colour popping has been applied to the Little Wild Poppies Stencil – try moving away from traditional poppy colours and use a combination of bright colours on flowers and leaves. Shown here with additional top flower motif, in Stencil Paint colours Cerise, Indian Purple, Agapanthus, Persian Blue, Paradise BlueEmerald Forest, Oasis, Woodland and Verbena on a pale lilac background.

Above – try repeating the Little Wild Poppies Stencil in repeated rows in panels on walls, furniture or on fabric – gives a wonderful William Morris style effect.   Left in Ice White Stencil Paint on a rich purple background; middle Atlantic Blue, Arctic Grey and Agapanthus Stencil Paints; right Seville Orange, Jet Black, Verbena and Hedgerow Stencil Paints.

Or as below – the stencil can also be repeated in staggered rows.

Above – the Little Wild Poppies Stencil is perfect for making gift cards and wrapping paper for all occasions. Cards stencilled with Very Berry, Jet Black and Hedgerow Stencil Paints. Red wrapping paper stencilled with Ice White Stencil Paint.

Above – the Little Wild Poppies Stencil shown with flowers in differing natural colour possibilities; all leaves and stems are in Woodland, Verbena Stencil Paints : Flowers from left – orange tinged flowers in Harvest Gold, Seville Orange (flowers), Charcoal Stencil Paints (stamens, seed pods); middle –  ‘blood-orange’ tinged flowers in Very Berry, Seville Orange (flowers), Jet Black Stencil Paints (stamens); right –  Welsh Poppy yellow in Harvest Gold, Evening Primrose (flowers) and Jet Black Stencil Paints (stamens, seed pods).

Above – the Little Wild Poppies Stencil is shown silhouette style in simple Ice White Stencil Paint on a dusky lavender-grey background.

Above – Little Wild Poppies and grass stencil mural. The Little Wild Poppies Stencil is shown repeated in a random cluster grouping over the backdrop of the Large Wild Slender Oats Stencil and Large Wild Oat Grass Stencil to create a meadow-like feel. Poppies stencilled in Very Berry, Seville Orange, Jet Black, Verbena and Hedgerow Stencil Paints. Wild grasses in Butterscotch, Yellow Ochre and Latte Stencil Paints.

Above – Close up details of the Little Wild Poppies and grass stencil mural. Different aspects of the poppy stencil have been repeated to give a feeling of variation and interest. Grass Stencils: Large Wild Slender Oats Stencil and Large Wild Slender Oats Stencil . (See Stencil Paint colours listed above).

Product Specifications

Easy to use small one layer stencil on 125 micron Mylar.

The Little Wild Poppies Stencil depicts 3 full blown poppy flowers, two flower buds, seed pod, tapering stems and detailed foliage.

Complete flower and leaf motif measures up to 29cm/11.5″ tall x 16cm/6.5″ wide.
Centre top poppy measures up to 7cm/2.75″ across width of flower.
Middle left poppy measures up to 8cm/3.25″ across width of flower.
Bottom right poppy measure up to 7cm/2.75″ across width of flower.
Total width of foliage up to 15cm/6″ wide
Sheet size 31cm/12″ tall x 21cm/8.25″ wide

Left – layout of the Little Wild Poppies Stencil.

Additional information

Weight 100 g