Little Lovebirds Stencil


NEW! Lovebirds Stencil
Charming little love birds and exotic flowers.

This stencil depicts wonderful little lovebirds chatting together on a branch of small exotic flowers. This delightful mini stencil is perfect for adding pops of pattern and colour to all sorts of clothing, home accessories and furniture as well as making your own perfect greeting card. This design is one motif from our Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie All-Over Stencil.

Small single sheet stencil- see size and layout specifications below.

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Above top – create your own charming gift cards with the Little Lovebird Stencil on one of our Blank Greetings Cards, stencilled in Flame Red, Seville Orange, Harvest Gold, Verbena, Emerald Green, Paradise Blue and Mocha Stencil Paints

Take that old forgotten piece of clothing and upcycle it with a motif boost. What better way to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe?

The different motifs of this design make it very versatile to use in many differing layouts and on a host of items – little design flourishes that add a unique, personal touch. The Little Lovebirds Stencil perfectly compliments the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Panel Stencil.

Above – the lovebirds are really striking on dark denim. Henny Donovan Motif  Fabric Paints blend superbly to create a fresh finish, that makes these love birds really fly! Paints used include Sunny Yellow, Olive, Taupe, Scarlet Red, Pure White and Cobalt Blue.

Above – the Little Lovebirds Stencil is dramatic on a red tinged black background, shown in Very Berry, Flame Red, English Rose, Peony, Harvest Gold, Seville Orange, Mocha, Hedgerow, Verbena and Summer Skies Stencil Paints.

Above – create a magical frieze of exotic birds and bugs with the Little Lovebirds Stencil,  Little Hummingbird Stencil and the Little Bugs Stencil. Shown here in a bright multiple palette of – Indian Purple, Lavender, Cerise, Very Berry, Flame Red, Harvest Gold, Hedgerow, Verbena, Oasis, Willow,  Emerald Forest, Persian Blue and Summer Skies Stencil Paints.

Above – our lovebirds are an adorable pair. In cerebration of their charm we have paired them with our Little Chinoiserie Rose Theme Pack Stencil (coming soon) on this bespoke baby girl’s dress.  Repeating the exotic flower motifs of the Little Lovebirds Stencil around the lovebirds creates this stunning effect in our durable, washable Fabric Paints.

Above – close up of stencilled baby girl’s dress, showing accentuated tail tips and crown of the birds. This effect is easy to achieve with our  1/4″ Stencil Brush and Artist’s Sable Brushes for finer details.

Above – the seven different, versatile motifs of the Little Lovebirds Stencil have been used to create this charming layout, by repeating the different motifs and tilting and rotating to create contrasting shapes. Shown here in Very Berry, Flame Red, Harvest Gold, Mocha, Arctic Grey, Hedgerow, Verbena, Willow Stencil Paints on a aqua coloured background.

Above – here the lovebirds have been repeated amidst the exotics flowers of this stencil. Shown here in Very Berry, Flame Red, Harvest Gold, Mocha, Arctic Grey, Hedgerow, Verbena, Summer Skies, Paradise Blue Stencil Paints on a pale pink-aqua blushed background.

Above – the motifs of this stencil arranged simply with the birds in naturalistic lovebird colours of Verbena, Emerald Green, Lime Blossom, Seville Orange, Harvest Gold.

Specifications – Love Birds Stencil Theme Pack

One layer stencil on one sheet of 125 micron Mylar. This little theme pack contains 2 lovebirds sitting on a branch with 3 flowering and bud motifs and three twig and leaf motifs.

Sheet size 31cm/8.25″ tall x 22cm/8.5″ wide

Lovebirds including branch approximately up to 11cm/4.25″ high x 10cm/4″ at widest points.
Largest flower motif approximately up to 6.7cm/2.75″ high x 10cm/4″ at widest points.

Left – layout of stencil sheet

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Weight 100 g

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