Magnolia Stencil


Made to Order Stencil
Beautiful delicate magnolia flower stencil
2 sheet 2 layer stencil

This stencil is a made to order item only available through pre-order. To pre-order this stencil pay and order online as usual. We will then cut the stencil for you in our next stock cut and despatch to you as soon as your order is ready.  This process can take up to 28 days. Order confirmation will be emailed to you on receipt of order payment and despatch confirmation will be emailed when your stencil is ready. Please be aware Made to Order stencils are non returnable.

This truly beautiful Magnolia Stencil design captures the grace and elegance of a branch of Magnolia blooms. Use this stencil to create your own wall art, panels, boards or as pictures in frames, or to decorate screens or cabinets and cupboard doors. The Magnolia Stencil is perfect stencilled in simple white to create silhouette effects on contrasting coloured backgrounds, or in the natural colours of real magnolia blooms, soft blush pinks, apricots and spring greens.

This is an easy to use 2 layer stencil with registration dots for easy alignment of each layer. See size Specifications below.


Above top – Shows both Layer 1 and Layer 2 of the Magnolia stencil. Layer 1 in Cerise, English, Latte and Chocolat Stencil Paints. Layer 2 in Raspberry and Coffee Bean Stencil Paint.

Above – the Magnolia Stencil in Orchid, Alba Rose, Plum BlossomCoffee Bean, Chocolat, and Hedgerow Stencil Paints on a pale blue background.

Above – the Magnolia Stencil in Orchid, Alba Rose, Plum BlossomOasis, Emerald Forest and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints.

Above – the Magnolia Stencil in Ice White and Arctic Grey Stencil Paints on a chalky blue background

Above – the Magnolia Stencil in Ice White on three duck egg panels.

Product Specifications

Two layer stencil. Overall motif measures up to approximately 52cm (20 1/2″) high by 42cm (16 1/2″) wide at widest points.

The largest magnolia bloom measures up to approximately 23cm (9″) wide x 17cm (6 1/2″) high at widest points.

Left – the layout of the two sheets of the Magnolia Stencil.