Mini Fleur de Lys Stencil


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Mini single classic motif stencil
Extra small 1 sheet stencil

The Mini Fleur-de-Lys Stencil is a small and simple fleur-de-lys motif. This traditional heraldic motif has retained its appeal within today’s decorating market.

Stencil as a single motif or as a formal or a random pattern. Use to decorate accessories, stationary or walls and fabric.

The Fleur-de-Lys motif is also effective when applied using the ‘shadow’ stencil technique. This is done by first stencilling in a slightly darker, lighter or contrasting colour and then moving the stencil to the right slightly and over-stencilling in a contrasting shade or metallic shade.


Above top – Mini Fleur-de-Lys in Damask Rose Stencil Paint.

Stencil using Stencil Sponges, Stencil Rollers, or Stencil Brushes in Stencil Paints, Metallic and Glitter Stencil Paints or Fabric Paints for fabric creations.

For a range of different sized fleur-de-lys motifs see the Simple Fleur de Lys Theme Pack.

Above – Mini Fleur-de-Lys in Indian Purple Stencil Paint.

Above – Mini Fleur-de-Lys in Paradise Blue Stencil Paint and Rainbow Glitter Paint.

Product Specifications

1 single fleur-de-lys motif measuring 7cm (2 3/4″) tall by 2.5cm (2 1/8″) wide.