Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil


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Navajo Style motif theme pack
1 sheet easy to use stencil

The Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil combines four small striking motifs, perfect for single or repeated design decorating projects, for themed rooms or for introducing a Navajo pattern element on clothes and accessories, or small wall hangings and cushions. This stencil is ideal for Native American themed interior decorating and craft projects. Inspired by the Navajo First Nation textiles, rugs and horse blankets this striking design is ideal for contemporary, up-to-the-minute Navajo effects. See full Navajo Range listed below.

Small single sheet stencil with four small Navajo motifs- see stencil layout and size specifications below.


Pack a style punch with our simple motif theme pack – 4 motifs, endless possibilities!

Above top – the Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil motifs shown on mini storage boxes. Great way to up-cycle and unify those odd items around the home or workplace. See below for Stencil Paints used on each item.

Above – the Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil motifs shown here in repeat. Stencilled in Flame RedChina Blue and Atlantic Blue Stencil Paints on a pale ivory background.

Above – Jet Black Stencil Paint makes a bold statement on a small wooden storage box.

Above – Two of the motifs of this theme pack decorate a white trinket box. Stencilled in Very Berry and Paradise Blue  Stencil Paints.

Above – the Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil is stencilled in repeating rows to form a striking pattern. Shown in vibrant colours to emphasise how bold you can be with this amazingly versatile theme pack stencil.

Use Stencil Sponges to apply this stencil.

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Above- a Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil stencilled onto a denim workwear jacket in Pure White and Scarlet Red Fabric Paints.

Above – it’s very easy to add that extra kick of creativity to your wardrobe with snazzy trim details and collar pop outs!  Henny won’t take this one off!

Above- two motifs of this theme pack are featured on a plain wooden stage box in China Blue, Summer SkiesFlame Red Stencil Paints.

Above- Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil motifs are shown in different formations using China Blue, Evening Primrose and Very Berry Red.

Above- motifs from this stencil can be stencilled side by side to make bespoke edging on furniture and wall borders.

Product Specifications Navajo Style Theme Pack Stencil

Small one layer stencil on 125 micron Mylar with 4 individual style motifs.

Motif top left – up to 8.4cm/3.75” x 9.5cm/3.75”

Motif top right – up to 7.6cm/3.20” x 10cm/4”

Motif bottom left – up to 11cm/4.25 x 11.8cm/4.50”

Motif bottom right – up to 9.5cm3.75” x 7.4cm/2.75”


Sheet size 31cm/12.25” x 32.6cm/12.75”