Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil


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Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil
3 sheet stencil, 2 layers

The Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil is a striking diamond repeat stencil – perfect for indoor and exterior patio flooring, painted floor mats or wall hangings . Ideal for creating stylish Native American themed interior and exterior decorating and craft projects. Inspired by the Navajo First Nation textiles, rugs and horse blankets and based on their classic weaving patterns, this striking design is ideal for contemporary and traditional Navajo style effects. See full Navajo Range listed below.

The Navajo Weavers Repeat Stencil is a three sheet stencil, with main diamond motif and diamond inserts and edging and corner motifs – see stencil layout and size specifications below.


The Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil – inspired by traditional Navajo weaving skills and their phenomenal rugs and textiles!

Above top – the The Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil transforms a plain floor into a contemporary designer’s dream. We have made this stencil easy to use so you really can achieve that wow factor without the wow prices.

Above – the Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil stencil has clear registration dots to guide and help you achieve perfect repeat alignments.

Above – The Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil is shown using popular vibrant Stencil Paints such as Raspberry, Very berry, Paradise Blue and Summer Skies. Also shown is a more subtle pairing of Yellow Ochre and Sienna.

Above – The Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil can also be used as a decorative wide edging on rugs and larger pieces of furniture. This stencil used side by side in repeat makes stunning wall and floor borders. The extra detail sheet of this stencil (see layout below) allows you to easily create neat border edgings/corners without all the hard work of masking tape.

Use Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges to apply this stencil.

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Above- The first layer of the Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil has been created by blending Atlantic Blue, Persian Blue and Summer Skies Stencil Paints. The second layer inner diamond has been stencilled in Flame Red for a eye striking vibrant contrast.

Above – Go the extra mile with this stencil and use two colours in your layer one as shown here in Very berry and Atlantic Blue. Make layer two’s inner diamond motif pop in a wave of Flame red and Seville Orange.

Above – The main layer of the Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil used without layer two diamond flecks – perfect for bold and striking effects. Try stencilling in simple Ice White on dark grey, or concrete surfaces, or on clean white in tones of Persian Blue and Paradise Blue Stencil Paints. Note: the inner diamond fleck is an extra layer flourish, which can be used or not, both versions work well, as the design looks great in single colour blocks.

Product Specifications Navajo Weaver’s Repeat Stencil

Medium size repeating motif on 125 micron Mylar with layer 2 diamond fleck details and registration dots for repeat alignment.

Main diamond motif up to 42cm/16.5” tall x 32.5cm/12.75” wide
Largest internal diamond motif up to 17.6cm/7” tall x 12.5cm/5” wide

Additional Diamond fleck and half fleck details for edging and corners

Additional small diamond fleck details for edging and corners to fit inside larger fleck motifs.

Larger main sheet size up to 50cm/19.75” x 60cm/23.5”

2 smaller sheets up to 31cm/12.20” x 29cm/11.5”

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