Oleander Blossom Stencil


Large oleander blossom branch
2 sheet stencil

The Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil is a beautiful blossom branch stencil of elegant oleander flowers and long tapering willow-like leaves that will add the perfect touch of designer elegance to any room. Use on fabrics and walls in a range of soft pastel tones, bright unexpected colours and single silhouette style blocks of colour on different coloured backgrounds. See layout and size specifications below.

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Above top – soft natural colours bring out the character of the oleander flowers and willow like leaves of the delicate Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil. Shown in Damask Rose, Eucalyptus and Mocha Stencil Paints. The lower part of the stencil is shown repeated here to give a full ‘tree’ effect.

Above – The willow-like leaves of the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil give hints of bamboo style to this design adding to its Eastern character. The top horizontal branch and bottom vertical falling leaves can be used together – aligned easily with registration dots – or separately for different features.  See sheet layout below.  Enhance the eastern feel with contrasting bright and pastel colours as shown above with Chinoiserie mixed with Sea Green (leaves) and Azalea Stencil Paints (blossom flowers).

Above – close up section of the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil in the soft and contrasting rich tones of Forget-me-not (leaves) and Raspberry Stencil Paints (blossom flowers).

Above – create beautiful silhouette style effects with the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil using Orchid Stencil Paint on a dusky lilac background – use our Stencil Rollers for single colour applications like this.

For our other Blossom Branch Stencils see the Japanese Blossom Stencil, as well as our popular Cherry Blosssom and Moon Stencil and the Large Cherry Blossom Stencil.

Above – close up section of the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil. Create contemporary style with an Eastern feel – stencil the Oleander Blossom Stencil with striking reds Very Berry and Azalea Stencil Paints on a cream coloured background.

Above – shows the whole of the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil (with both sections joined together) stencilled in soft Azalea and Damask Rose on a pretty pastel pink background. See below left for sheet layout. Below – close up section in the same colours.

Above – close up section of the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil in fresh natural greens and reds to add a vibrant touch to any decorating scheme. Stencil Paint colours used – Very Berry, mixed with a little Seville Orange (blossom flowers), Verbena and Hedgerow (leaves) Shoreline and Mocha (branches).

Above – the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil in similar colours to above, but given a little more green emphasis on the branches and stencilled on a creamy pink background.

Above – create this fresh scheme with the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil in striking Ice White on a vibrant, zingy green background.

Above – the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil lends itself to bright ‘non blossom’ colours and has graceful impact – stencilled here in Persian Blue Stencil Paint on a warm pale cream background.

Above – close up section of the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil in sophisticated tone on tone greys – stencilled here in Arctic Grey Stencil Paint on a blue-grey background for understated style.

Above – here the Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil is beautifully simple in Ice White on a blue-grey background.

Product Specifications

One layer stencil on two sheets, with easy to use registration dots for aligning two sections.

The whole Oleander Flower Blossom Stencil motif measures up to 80cm (31 1/2″) wide x 79cm (31″) deep, when both sections are joined together.

Top horizontal branch section measures up to 78cm (30 3/4″) wide x 57cm (22 1/2″) deep at furthest points on a sheet 85cm (33 1/2″) wide x 62cm (24 1/2″) deep, with registration dots.

Lower vertical leaves section measures up to 37cm (14 1/2″) wide x 57cm (22 1/2″) deep on a sheet 44cm (17 1/4″) wide by 64cm (25″) deep, with registration dots.

Left – the two sheets of this stencil pack.

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