Oversize Cherry Border and Corner Stencil


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Impressively large, simple cherry border stencil
Large 2 sheet stencil

The versatile Oversize Cherry Border and Corner Stencil for floors, walls and fabric, is a large contemporary styled border. Use it for subtle tonal stencilling on painted floors (see right) or on long drapes for modern classical elegance. Or jazz it up with bright reds and greens to add colour to a scheme. This stencil is great for covering large floor or wall areas with ease and efficiency!

This stencil comprises a main border section, where the undulating motif repeats three times on one sheet, and a second sheet with an additional short border section (one curve) for fitting into smaller spaces and two different corner motifs – one rounded and one clustered – for real versatility. This quick and easy to use stencil comes with registration dots for aligning and joining together all sections as desired. See size and layout specifications below.


Above top – rounded corner section. Above – cluster corner section – both stencilled in Very Berry, Raspberry and Eucalyptus Stencil Paint.

See also the smaller Sweet Cherry Border & Corner Stencil and the Sweet Cherries Theme pack.

Above and below – Create this chalky, restful look with the Oversize Cherry Border and cluster corner section stencilled in Grassland and Mocha Stencil Paints.

Above – Oversize Cherry Border with cluster corner section in Butterscotch and Oasis and Woodland Stencil Paints.

Product Specifications

Single layer stencil on 2 large sheets. Main Border section approximately 77cm (30 1/4″) wide x 18cm (7″) high at widest points on a sheet 90cm (35 1/2″) x 36cm (14″). Cherry diameter about 3cm ( 1 1/4″).
Small border section 28cm (11″) x 18cm (7″) high; cluster corner section 29cm (11 1/2″) x 29cm (11 1/2″); rounded corner section 32cm (12 1/2″) x 23cm (9″) at widest points – on a sheet 90cm (35 1/2″) x 45cm (17 3/4″). All sections interlock with each other and the pack comes with easy to use registration dots and full usage instructions.

Left layout of the two stencil sheets