Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil


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Exotic large bamboo & calligraphy stencil
Large 2 sheet stencil

This stencil is a made to order item only available through pre-order. To pre-order this stencil pay and order online as usual. We will then cut the stencil for you in our next stock cut and despatch to you as soon as your order is ready.  This process can take up to 28 days. Order confirmation will be emailed to you on receipt of order payment and despatch confirmation will be emailed when your stencil is ready. Please be aware Made to Order stencils are non returnable.

The Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil is an elegant design for creating centre piece wall features, panels and pictures. Bamboo is a popular design choice amongst artists and designers because its striking formation has instant appeal in many decorative settings.  See size specifications below.


The Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil is a two sheet single layer stencil with easy to use registration dots to align sections together. The design also contains Chinese calligraphy motifs for ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’,’ Autumn’, ‘Winter’.

Stencil in green tones and ochres on a range of coloured backgrounds or use traditional Chinese colours of gold on black or vermilion red backgrounds, or black on gold or red backgrounds. Either muted or strongly contrasting colour palettes suit this design with its contemporary and ageless character.

Above top – the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil on a jet black background, stencilled in Butterscotch and Latte Stencil Paint. Finish with Acrylic Eggshell Varnish for a lacquer effect.

Above – the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil on a vermilion to burnt sienna graduated background, stencilled in Nougat and Butterscotch Stencil Paint, with calligraphy in Coffee Bean Stencil Paint – all over-stencilled with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint. Finished with Acrylic Eggshell Varnish for a lacquer effect. (See notes bottom right for graduated painting techniques).

Above left – close up details of the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil in Olive Grove, Grassland and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints. Above right – the Chinese calligraphy motifs of this stencil – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – stencilled in Butterscotch and Harvest Gold Stencil Paint, over-stencilled in Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint.

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Use our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges for ease of application.

Above and below – the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil in Emerald Forest and Eucalyptus Stencil Paint on a rich orange wall – as featured in BBC Good Homes Magazine item on tropical decorating. Image: © BBC Good Homes Magazine – www.bbc.co.uk

Above – the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil on a green to white graduated background, stencilled in Woodland, Verbena and Olive Grove Stencil Paints. Calligraphy stencilled in Spring Vine Stencil Paint. (See notes below for graduated painting techniques).

Above – the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil on a black background, stencilled in Latte and Olive Grove Stencil Paints on a pale green and cream graduated background (see below for tips).

Above – the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil on an ochre to cream graduated background, stencilled in Verbena and Olive Grove Stencil Paints. Calligraphy stencilled in Indian Purple Stencil Paint. (See notes below for graduated painting techniques).

Graduated Painted Background Technique

Graduated painted backgrounds can be achieved by using two similar tones of emulsion paint (latex) and a tinted varnish glaze over the top. This technique will not work with radically different colours – keep the tones similar so mixing is easier. Mix a third of each colour together to create a mid-tone colour and paint the wall in either three horizontal bands or in three bands on a slight diagonal. The bands should go from dark to light, brushing the colours lightly over each other where the different colours meet to create as softer join as possible. Keep strokes long, smooth and even. Mix a varnish glaze using 2/3rd Acrylic Matt Varnish, 1/3rd Acrylic Scumble Glaze. Add a little water if the glaze is much thicker than the consistency of double cream. Tint the glaze with several drops of Universal Tinter to create a transparent glaze a couple of shades deeper than the middle tone of your painted wall. Brush the glaze over the wall and soften in long smooth strokes using a soft brush. Repeated layers of the tinted varnish glaze will serve to blend and soften the joins of the different colours.

Two-tone stencilling

Using two colours stencil the cut out shapes of the stencil with one colour and then over-stencil a part of each cut out shape with the second colour, blending as you go. This creates depth and a more 3-dimensional feel.

Product Specifications

This two sheet single motif stencil is made of 125 micron mylar. Comes with easy to use registration dots for aligning the two sections together.

The overall size of the Oversize Bamboo motif is approximately 101cm (39 3/4″) deep x 86cm (34″) across at widest points.
The four calligraphy motifs together measure 31cm (12″) deep x 7.6cm (3″) wide.

Sheet 1 measures 90cm (35 1/2″) wide x 56cm (22″) deep.
Sheet 2 measures 90cm (35 1/2″) wide x 67cm (26 1/4″) deep.

Left – the layout of the two sheets of the Oversize Chinese Bamboo Stencil – shows registration dots on both sheets.