Passion Flower Stencil


Beautifully detailed passion flower and vine stencil
Large 1 sheet stencil

The Passion Flower Stencil is based on the beautiful and captivating Purple Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) with its striking stamens, long flowing tendrils and shapely vine leaves. This beautiful, delicate large single motif stencil is ideal for statement decorating and adding elegant botanical features to all sorts of living spaces on walls and fabrics. Large single sheet stencil with additional tendril and leaf motif for extending main design – see size and layout Specifications below.

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Also see our Oversize Passion Flower Stencil, an up-scaled stunning version of this design.

Stencil this design in a range of natural flower and leaf tones, or bright multi coloured palettes for an unexpected splash of colour or in simple single colour palettes for striking effect and ease of application.

Above top – close up detail of the Passion Flower Stencil in Agapanthus, Indian Purple, French Lavender, Hedgerow, Olive Grove, Verbena, Lime Blossom and Harvest Gold Stencil Paints on a pale lilac background. Below – shows the whole stencil in the same colours.

Above – the additional tendril and leaf motifs have been added to extend the design, giving a subtle botanical, tapering effect. Colours shown in the muted tones of Spearmint, Spring Vine and Duck Egg Stencil Paints on a soft, pale green background.

Above – try the Passion Flower Stencil in bright and unexpected colours. The image above shows a close up section of the Passion Flower Stencil in the vibrant tones of Evening Primrose and Butterscotch Stencil Paint on a bright red background.

The Passion Flower Stencil also works in unusual zany colours! Above stencilled in Persian Blue, Very Berry, Harvest GoldEucalyptus and Olive Grove Stencil Paints.

Above – close up section of the Passion Flower Stencil Very Berry, Seville Orange, Harvest GoldEucalyptus, Hedgerow and Woodland Stencil Paints for a bright, rich colour effect.

Above – the Passion Flower Stencil in the natural flower colours of Indian Purple, Agapanthus, Olive Grove, WoodlandGrassland and Harvest Gold Stencil Paints.

Above – stencil the Passion Flower Stencil on a black or nearly black background, for a sumptuous, rich finish. Use Indian Purple, AgapanthusWoodland, VerbenaLime Blossom and Harvest Gold Stencil Paints for this effect.

Above – create simple and striking effects with the Passion Flower Stencil in simple one colour treatments. Above shows a close up section of the Passion Flower Stencil in Ice White Stencil Paint on a rich purple background.

Above – shows the whole of the Passion Flower Stencil in soft purple French Lavender Stencil Paint on delicate lilac-white for a beautiful finish. Stencil Rollers are perfect for applying large delicate stencils in single colour applications.

Above – create this striking effect with the Passion Flower Stencil In Ice White Stencil Paint on a navy background.

Above – use Ice White Stencil Paint on vibrant leafy green to give the Passion Flower Stencil fresh, zingy impact!

Above – create stunningly beautiful and impressive wallpaper features with the Passion Flower Stencil by repeating it in horizontal rows, either placing the design squarely on top of itself or in staggered rows. You can also rotate and repeat the design for a flowing effect as our example above – stencilled in Oasis and Ash Green Stencil Paint on a dusty charcoal coloured background.

Above – the Passion Flower Stencil is repeated in horizontal rows for an impressive wallpaper style effect, stencilled simply in Ice White Stencil Paint on a navy coloured background.

Above – the Passion Flower Stencil is repeated in staggered horizontal rows, which creates a diamond tracery of flowers and vine leaves, stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint on lavender.

Product Specifications

One layer one sheet intricate stencil with passion flower, buds and vine leaf motifs.
The whole stencil motif measures up to 82cm (32″) wide x 54cm (21″) deep.
Whole flower including petals up 27.5cm (10 3/4″) wide.
Largest bud up to 9cm (3 1/2″) wide x 12cm (4 3/4″) tall.
Sheet size 87cm (34 1/4″) deep x 60cm (23 3/4″) wide.

Also includes additional leaf cluster and tendrils motif for adding and extending.

Left – layout of the Passion Flower Stencil

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