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NEW! Peace Dove Stencil
Graceful dove in flight holding the gift of peace.

The Peace Dove Stencil depicts a peaceful dove in flight, gliding through the air carrying a tiny olive branch, a symbol of hope, perfect for these times! The detailed wings give a great feeling of flight and the light this bird brings. This design has a graceful simplicity and is wonderfully versatile. Try stencilling the Peace Dove Stencil on bed linens, curtains and cushions, as well as small cupboard doors and other small home accessories. Also beautiful on mirror glass and on windows at the festive time of year. This delightful small stencil is also perfect for decorating children’s clothing and for making your own perfect greeting cards.

Small single sheet stencil- see size and layout specifications below.


The Peace Dove Stencil is perfect on gifts cards and wrapping papers. The universality of the dove suiting  a range of cards including; Get well soon cards, Wedding cards, New Baby cards, Festive Greetings cards, Condolences cards, Good Luck cards and Thinking of You cards!

Above top – create your unique charming gift cards with the Peace Dove Stencil on one of our Blank Greetings Cards. To achieve a delicate finish try our pale Stencil Paints, shown here in Orchid, Duck Egg Blue, Ice White blended with Chocolate.

Above – Bring the Peace Dove Stencil to life by repeating the dove in a natural upward flying formation, slightly rotating the bird to give the feeling of movement in flight.  See the close ups below for colour choices and Stencil Paints used. Try differing backgrounds of pale blues, greys and lilacs.

Close up of our lovely Peace Dove Stencil. Above left – the dove is stencilled in Ice White, with ‘blushes’ of Orchid and Shoreline Stencil Paints on lilac background. Above right – the dove in turtle dove colours of Ice White, Forget-me-not, Duck Egg, Chocolat and Willow, with eye and beak details in Jet Black and Charcoal Stencil Paints on a mid grey background..

Above – our Peace Dove is truly a beautiful iconic design that works charmingly as a stand alone feature. To achieve a pure and simple natural look as above use Stencil Paints Orchid, SkyBlue blushed with Atlantic Blue, Ice White, Shoreline, Mocha, Chocolate and foliage in Ash Green.

Above – Our stencils are made of durable material and can be easily used over and over again with a delicate hand. By using a simple diamond repeating technique this Peace Dove will transform plain bed linen into something exquisitely dreamy. If you choose to stencil in silhouette, stencilling becomes a much quicker process.

Above – the Peace Dove Stencil in simple Pure White Fabric Paint perfectly compliments this aqua coloured cotton pillow case. All our stencil paints are packed with instructions. Fabric Paints come with full usage instructions and they are easy to use and very durable- withstanding machine washing.

Above – the Peace Dove Stencil shown here in Ice White and Shoreline Stencil Paints on a deep purple background.

Specifications – Peace Dove Stencil

Small easy to use stencil on one sheet of 125 micron Mylar with additional layer 2 and 3 eye dot details.
Dove motif measures up to 19.5cm/7.75″ tall x 13cm/5″ at widest points.
Sheet size measures 27cm/10.5″ high x 21cm/8.25″ wide.

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