Pine Cones Stencil


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Pine cones and pine needles stencil
Six small pine cone motifs
1 sheet small stencil

The Pine Cones Stencil – beautiful stencil design with detailed pine cones and needles. Ideal for festive decorating and beautiful botanical interior design schemes. The Pine Cones Stencil contains 3 clusters of pine cones and needles and 3 twiggy needle motifs.  See size specifications below.


Above – two of the pine cone motifs of the Pine Cones Stencil shown in Seville Orange and Chocolat Stencil Paint (pine cones), Ash Green and Woodland Stencil Paint (needles).

Above and below – make these beautiful gift cards with our Verbena, Woodland and Chocolat Stencil Paints and the Pine Cones Stencil and our Square White Cards.

Also see our beautiful Japanese Larch and Large Japanese Larch Stencils for large interior wall stencils.

Above – make a stunning pot stand for your Christmas tree with the Pine Cones Stencil – stencilled onto a painted terracotta pot in Chocolat Stencil Paint and over-stencilled with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint.

Above – close up detail of the Pine Cones Stencil on our Christmas tree pot. We simply took an ordinary terracotta pot and painted it with one coat of our chalky Vanilla Stencil Paint. Then we stencilled the pine cone motifs at random intervals, filling the gaps with the twiggy needle motifs – perfect! Hold the stencil down with repositionable spray adhesive and little bits of masking tape to keep it in place whilst stencilling.

Above and below – the different motifs of the Pine Cones Stencil have been stencilled simply onto brown craft paper – great for festive table covers and wrapping paper.

Stencil in Vanilla Stencil Paint with one of our Stencil Rollers and over-stencil with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint with our Stencil Sponges.

Above – the different motifs of the Pine Cones Stencil are perfect for festive greetings cards – shown here on our Square White Cards.

Product Specifications

The Pine Cones Stencil is a one sheet stencil comprising 3 different pine cone motifs and 3 twiggy needle motifs. On 125 micron Mylar.

Pine Cone motifs are approximately: top left 10.5cm/4.25″ wide; middle 13.6cm/5.25″ wide; bottom right 10.8cm/4.25″ wide.
Largest twiggy motif up to 8cm/3″ wide. Largest pine cone up to 5cm/2″ tall.
Sheet size 31cm/12″ tall by 21.5cm/8.5″ wide.

Left – the layout of the Pine Cones Stencil sheet.