Toile Oast House Stencil


One sheet pictorial stencil

The charming Toile Oast House Stencil with its charming farm buildings, intricate tiling details and unique roof angle of the oast house, is one of a selection of individual Toile du Jouy Stencils, taken from our popular large Toile du Jouy Countryside Toile Stencil. This single motif is ideal for random repeats, or for decorating with other individual toile motifs. This design looks beautiful stencilled onto both walls and fabric for drapes and other linens in classic taupes, blues and reds. See size and layout specifications below.

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Above top – the Toile Oast House Stencil stencilled in classic taupe on calico and sewn as a panel in this cushion cover. Stencilled in Taupe Fabric Paint.

See also our other individual Toile de Jouy motifs taken from the Countryside Toile Stencil – the Toile Shepherdess Stencil, Toile Duck Pond Stencil, Toile Courting Couple Stencil and Toile Windmill & Horses Stencil – ideal for cushions and table linens.

Also see our new Coastal Toile Stencil, Toile Sail Boats Stencil and Toile Lighthouse Stencil.

Above – the Toile Oast House Stencil shown here in Raspberry Stencil Paint.

Above – the Toile Oast House Stencil on calico cushions in a mix of Taupe Fabric Paints.

Above – the charming Toile Oast House Stencil repeated simply in horizontal rows. Shown in Persian Blue Stencil Paint.

Product Specifications

Single layer motif stencil on 125 micron Mylar.

One layer stencil measuring approximately 28cm (11″) wide by 17cm (7″) high.

Sheet size 36cm (14″) wide x 24cm (9.5″) tall.

Left- the layout of the Toile Oast House Stencil sheet.

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Weight 45 g


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