Tuscan Border Stencil


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Classic Italian style border design
1 sheet stencil

The Tuscan Border Stencil is based on a design taken from antique Tuscan ceramic tiles, which gives an authentic Italian style with a simplicity of rhythm when repeated as a border.  The pattern also has eastern flavours.

Stencil with warm earthy tones to create a soft frieze of colour and pattern, or use blues, greys or greens for a cooler, elegant look. Or stencil in white or pale greys on solid bands of painted colour to create a tile effect border – as below.


Above top – Tuscan Border Stencil in Ice White Stencil Paint on a chalky blue background with taped tile effect (see below for details of this technique). Below – two repeats of the stencil.

To create the tile effect the border is stencilled in single shades onto a solid block of colour, which can be further enhanced by using lining tape. To do this first place 1/4″ lining tape 17cm (6 3/4″) apart across the area to be stencilled. Then use  wide Masking Tape to create a horizontal band 19cm (7 1/2″) deep across the width of the area being stencilled. Paint the masked off area with two coats of paint – such as chalky blue, grey, navy or black emulsion (latex). Position the stencil ensuring that the break in the edge pattern of the border lines up with the lining tape (as illustrated top above). Stencil over the area, using a contrasting colour to the base colour. Remove the lining and masking off tape as soon as the stencilling is complete. Varnish with Acrylic Matt Varnish.  The varnish can be tinted with a little Raw Umber Tinter to create a blended and aged effect.

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Above – Tuscan Border Stencil in Sienna, Mocha, Latte, Nougat, Butterscotch, Grassland and Willow Stencil Paints.
Below – two repeats of the stencil.

Above – Tuscan Border Stencil in Olive Grove, Grassland, Spring Vine, and Lime Blossom Stencil Paints.

Above – Tuscan Border Stencil in Ice WhiteDuck Egg and Shoreline Stencil Paints on a blue-grey background with taped effect (see right for details of this technique).

Above – Tuscan Border Stencil in Morning Glory, Paradise Blue, Duck Egg and Shoreline Stencil Paints. This illustration shows the actual layout of the stencil.

Product Specifications

One layer border stencil approximately 36cm (14″) wide by 16.5cm (6 1/2″) deep.  On a sheet 42cm (16 1/2″) wide x 23.5cm (9 3/4″) deep. Comes with easy to use registration dots for repeat alignment and full usage instructions.

Left – layout of two sheets of this stencil.