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Parrot & Peony Chinoiserie

Chin-What?! – to Chin-Chic!
Our cutting edge new Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie..


When we first launched our large Chinoiserie Stencil panels many years ago and I was into Chinoiserie design in all sorts of ways and effusively chatting about what we were doing, I’d say we’re doing this new Chinoiserie design and people would say ‘Chin-What?’  Now with a wry smile, after other simplified chinoiserie stencils have magically found their way out there, and now the whole chinoiserie thing is back in vogue, and there’s a buzz about it, people are saying ‘oh yes, chinoiserie, very chic’!!! So hence the caption, a bit tongue in cheek – Chin-What?! to Chin-Chic! Everyone is in the know!!

Anyway, getting back into that chinoiserie design thing again, has been a complete joy and ideas and designs have been flooding in, ready to come to life for sale on the Motif website. So, if you are looking for new chinoiserie designs and tired of what’s out there – watch this space for some modern and innovative ideas on the trend.  Art for walls in all sorts of ways. First out are the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie All-Over Repeat Stencil, the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Panel Stencil and the Tropical Parrot Theme Pack Stencil.

Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie All-Over Repeat Stencil


The first design to launch is the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie All-Over Repeat Stencil – an innovative drop repeat wallpaper style stencil. Brilliant for creating all-over pattern on walls and fabrics.  Certainly very chic indeed! This beautifully detailed chinoiserie comes with a multitude of motifs, woven into this magical all-over design. Exotic macaw parrots, cockatoo and parakeets sit amongst profusely flowering branches of oriental peonies, full blown roses and blossom sprays, with orchid, hibiscus, bamboo and fuchsia, flying humming bird, dragonflies and butterfly!


What is a drop repeat?  Well it allows the pattern repeat to flow over a larger area, extending the size of the repeated area and creating a magical, enchanting all-over pattern effect.  So the design can be packed with motifs that weave together into a story and rhythm, far more intriguing than a standard repeat that just works on a linear-square framework. The drop repeat works like a chequer board, where two large stencil sheets are placed in alternating fashion. Sounds complicated, but the registration dots do the work for you, aligning each successive repeat!

A multiple colour palette definitely takes times and patience with this design, so it is in effect an advanced stencil, but working in tonal or monochrome palettes make it manageable for the enthusiast, as well as the professional!


It’s easy to create this effect with the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie All-Over Repeat Stencil with a monochrome palette. On a vibrant green background, stencil with a roller first in white and then highlight and blush over selected areas of the design with pale greens, that tone in with the wall colour.  An easy bit of hand painted wallpaper – and definitely Chin-Chic!


Create totally original toile-type fabrics for curtains and bed linens with the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie All-Over Repeat Stencil and our brilliant Fabric Paints. Beautiful in simple greys, blues, green and white.

Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Panel Stencil


The Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Panel Stencil is the upright panel version of this chinoiserie design, giving the innovative stenciller a fantastic opportunity to create uniquely detailed and ravishing chinoiserie wall panels, with a genuine hand painted effect! This is exciting artwork for walls and fabric, full of beautiful motifs of macaw parrots, cockatoo and parakeets sitting amongst profusely flowering branches of oriental tree peonies and blossom sprays, with flourishes of orchid, bamboo and fuchsia, with dragonfly and butterfly!  All magically woven into this beautiful panel stencil. This elegant modern twist on classic chinoiserie style works well in multiple colour palettes and monochrome schemes.


Inspired by the design process, weaving in authentic chinoiserie style with more modern elements, I decided to take this another step and stencil the Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Panel Stencil onto one of the gilded boards I sell, adding hand painted embellishment and tonal detail. It was at that point that we decided to add the tiny stamen centres for the blossom blooms – which now come on a separate details sheet.

Chinoiserie itself is ripe for adaptation, as its origins stem from a western interpretation of art from the Far East, which as it became fashionable in the 18th century was then produced in the East and cleverly sent back to the west. So fashion in design has been globe trotting for some time, and still there is great fascination and love of this style due to its beauty, impact and charm.


The wonderful Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Panel Stencil transforms a work-wear style denim jumpsuit into a show stopper outfit. Elizabeth wore this to one of Henny’s exhibitions and became a walking piece of art!! Easy to adapt, just mask off around the areas you want to stencil and use our high quality Fabric Paints!

Tropical Parrot Theme Pack Stencil


The Tropical Parrot Theme Pack Stencil is an exciting new design comprising three of the larger parrots from our new Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie range, but teamed here with tropical leaves and hibiscus flowers – great for creating that rain forest style mural for instance, or embellishing tee shirts and jackets, or decorating furniture and accessories.  Here it’s been used to create a colourful staircase mural, with the different motifs arranged closely together for a profusion of colour and character! And left on a gold panel to bring colour to a plain room.


Create a carnival of colour with the Tropical Parrot Theme Pack Stencil. Great in bright primary colours and rain forest hues, or striking in silhouette on dark or light backgrounds. Brilliantly versatile and fun to decorate with!


Elizabeth decided to update her favourite Levi’s denim jacket with the new Tropical Parrot Theme Pack Stencil using our great Fabric Paints.  It’s now a wardrobe staple!

More exciting Chinoiserie floral and bird stencils coming out soon!

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