Henny’s Design Journals and Blogs

There’s a story behind all the designs on the Motif website. So I thought it was a good time to start writing some of them down – make a few notations about some of the processes that go into producing the stencils on this site.

Blogs and Posts

Parrot & Peony Chinoiserie

Exciting New Parrot and Peony Chinoiserie Stencils and our new Tropical Parrots Theme Pack Stencil. Chin-What?! to Chin-Chic!!

Wild Bluebells in Spring

Wonderful Wild Bluebells Stencil – new to our ‘Wild Botanical Stencils – inspired by the Hedgerow & Woodland of the Brecon Beacons’ – the myriad multitude of beautiful bluebells form the basis of this great new little stencil.

Little Wild Poppies Journal

From the upcoming range ‘Wild Botanical Stencils – inspired by the Hedgerow & Woodland of the Brecon Beacons’ – the Little Wild Poppies Stencil – Welsh Poppy flowers of country lanes and cottage gardens.

Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil – Design Inspirations

Maybe you, like me, are a bit of a plant nut – I don’t mean knowing the full-on glossary of Latin terms for each…

Antlers & Co – the Stag Story Wild Stag Stencils

Stags, deer, antelope have long been a recurring theme for me throughout the years, a source of inspiration and interest.

Moroccan Journal – the Tile Story Moroccan Stencils

Dust! Well it is the edge of the Sahara. It envelopes everything and gives a haze-like hue to all – including dusty…

Henny’s Iris Design Journal Iris Stencils

Henny’s Iris Design Journal Iris Stencils I’ve been meaning to do an Iris Stencil for some time and on a recent trip to Wales…

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