Frosted Window Stencilling

Frosted Window Stencilling

Make fantastic wintry features by frosting windows, doors and mirrors, simply stencil silhouette style in our high quality Ice White Stencil Paint and enjoy the transformation.  See Top Tip below.

Create beautiful Frosted Festive Windows with our new Large Reindeer Stencil and simple Ice White Stencil Paint.

Use our Ice White Stencil Paint and either our Little Snowflakes Stencil, Small Snowflakes Stencil, Large Snowflakes Stencil Theme Pack or Oversize Snowflakes Stencil – or a combination to create the effect of lots of different sizes!

Add festive lights for a magical, winter wonderland effect!

Wintry reflections and frosted snowflake windows – a simple but truly beautiful finish.

Step by Step Guide to Stencilling Frosted
Snowflake Windows

Step 1 – Apply repositionable spray adhesive to the reverse side of the stencil and ensure the stencil is fully stuck to the window. Use wide low tack stencil tape to mask off the edges of the stencil to protect the surrounding area. Step 2 – Pour a little stencil paint onto a plate, dip the stencil sponge into the paint, dab off the excess paint on a dry part of the plate to prevent too much paint being used. Step 3 – Dab the loaded sponge onto the stencil, ensuring all little detailed areas are covered. Step 4 and 5 – Continue stencilling until all of the snowflakes are covered, going over each motif twice for extra opacity (allowing to dry between coats). Step 6 – Carefully peel off the stencil ensuring you do not smudge the underlying paint – allow to dry.  The stencilling can be done inside or outside (on balconies, or covered areas). Use a razor blade and warm soapy water to remove the stencilling when required.

Use any of our different sized Snowflakes Stencils for this project, depending on the size of your windows and the size of snowflake you require and the kind of impact you wish to create.

Top Tip

If you don’t want to stencil on your windows – get a roll of cellophane gift wrap and secure it to the glass and smooth out the wrinkles, then stencil and after use roll up loosely to use again and again – and it saves all that cleaning and loosing your stencil creation!

Create this festive feature with motifs of the Christmas Baubles Theme Pack Stencil.