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Create Your Own Wall Art

By Henny Donovan
No longer available through this website, still available on Amazon and in the US.

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Create Your Own Wall Art
This inspirational and practical book is crammed with original ideas for creating your own wall art projects, very much in vogue in today’s interiors.  Creative Wall Art is ideal if you have bare walls and are looking for great ideas for creating something unique and original for your individual space, or you want to add a focal point in a room or space. Henny Donovan has devised a series of projects that will help you achieve stunning results and create a look that is sleek contemporary, classy classic or a fusion of the two.

If you doubt your own artistic abilities, or lack confidence to have a go, Henny’s book will make you think again, the results look highly professional, but the straightforward step-by-step instructions and easy to understand illustrations guide you through each stage of the project to create something really brilliant.  So this book is great for people wanting to have a go, as well as the more confident artist, decorator or designer.

The 25 wall art projects in Creative Wall Art are designed for the different spaces in today’s home – halls and stairways; kitchens and conservatories; living spaces, such as lounges, dining areas and studies; bathrooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms – with themes tailored to today’s taste and style preferences.

Wall art project themes encompass simple modern and classic styles using both decorative and fine art techniques – some themes using Henny’s stencils, which are link highlighted here. Subjects range between botanical themes – including agapanthus flowers, wild orchids, roses, herbs, giant hogweed, teasels, bamboo and many more; animal themes include butterflies (new stencil out soon), animal markings, shell details, as well as animal illustrations for the entire alphabet; scenic subjects include coastal scenes, fields of colour, city views, architectural details and far off spacescapes; Oriental themes include kimono textiles, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, chinoiserie silk panels and blossom boughs; geometric subjects include textile stripes and funky polka dot patterns; and there’s also a child portraits project. All making imaginative and striking wall art.


The artistic techniques used in Creative Wall Art cover a wide variety including landscape, illustrative and abstract painting, pencil drawing, stencilling on different surfaces, fabric printing on silk, lino printing, photography, modern decoupage, textile collage, decorative gilding, mixed media techniques and the application of decorative glazework grounds.  All techniques are fully illustrated and explained clearly throughout the projects and in the techniques chapters. Detailed information on preparation of boards and surfaces to work on is also gone into, so every stage of creating your own wall art is covered.


There’s also a very useful section on mounting, framing and how to position and hang individual pictures and groups of pictures on both bare walls and in relation to furniture.


The products used throughout the projects in this book are available on the Motif website.

About the book

Create Your Own Wall Art by Henny Donovan
ISBN-10:0-7641-3470-1 Barron’s Publishers. Softback – 128 full colour pages; includes introduction on preparation and techniques, with resource directory.

Create Your Own Wall Art is the US edition of the UK Creative Wall Art.  The US published version is identical to the UK edition, with americanised text and resource directory relevant to the USA. An English version of the resource directory can be obtained when purchasing the book, simply request the UK directory in the Comments Box in the Checkout when ordering.


Each project is illustrated with full step by step instructions and photographs.

Create Your Own Wall Art by Henny Donovan

Blossom Boughpainting project – Cherry Blossom Bough Stencil available

Bamboo & Moon gilding and stencilling project

Japanese & Chinese Calligraphy painting project.