Equipment and Accessories

Stencil Equipment and Accessories

Our range of practical and useful equipment provides everything you need to produce great stencilling results. Stencil Equipment includes clever Stencil Sponges, Stencil Rollers, specially domed Stencil Brushes, for easy and professional stencilling – and our low tack Stencil Tape. Stencil Cutting Equipment to cut your own stencil with blank stencil film and equipment. Specialist Brushes includes Badger Brushes now available on Pre-order.

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Stencil Equipment

Try our Deluxe Stencil Brushes, which Henny has had specially made for the Motif website – with high quality domed, thick natural bristle heads – for smooth and professional stencilling. Use our high-density Stencil Sponges, for easy, smooth, professional stencilling and our innovative Stencil Rollers for stencilling larger areas, as well as standard Stencil Brushes and a divided Flower Palette for multi-coloured projects.

Specialist Brushes

Our Pre-order Specialist Brushes include softening brushes for paint effects: A high quality, professional Badger Softening Brush for special finishes such as wood graining or marbling; an Economy Badger Softening Brush, just as soft, but a little less thick – excellent for those starting out and wanting to experiment and a Hog Hair Softener with soft natural hair bristles, ideal for softening colourwash finishes and painting washes.