Small Alphabet Theme Pack Stencil


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A – Z Upper and lower case alphabet
4 sheet stencil

The Small Alphabet Theme Pack Stencil is ideal for decorative and illustrative purposes. Use on its own or in conjunction with other stencils and designs or murals or handpainting. This theme pack comprises 4 sheets – two with capital letters A – Z and two with small letters a – z.  See specifications below.

Lettering has become integral to decorating schemes in recent years and this Alphabet Theme Pack, with its capital upper case and lower case letters, will be a useful aid for adding clear and clean lettering to many decorative projects – effective on walls, panels, furniture and on fabrics for bed linen, curtains and more.


Above top – the Small Alphabet Stencil ‘shadow stencilled’ in Navy Charcoal (shadow colour), Eucalyptus and Emerald Forest (over-stencilling colours).

Above – details of the Small Alphabet Stencil on a pale pink and aqua background in Very Berry, Raspberry, Yellow Ochre, Harvest Gold, Olive Grove, Paradise Blue, Atlantic Blue and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints.

Above the Small Alphabet Stencil in rows of Arctic Grey and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paint on a pale aqua coloured background.

Stencil with our Stencil Paints and Fabric Paints and stencil with a stencil roller or stencil sponges.

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Above – Small Alphabet stencil in Navy Charcoal Stencil Paint on a stone coloured background.

Above – Small Alphabet Stencil in Vanilla Stencil Paint on a muted lavender background.

Above – Small Alphabet Stencil in Paradise Blue, Harvest Gold, Ash Green and Cerise Stencil Paints.

Use in classic muted tones for a timeless, stylish look – such as greys, charcoals, blues on stone or buff backgrounds. Or for crisp graphic effects stencil in white or ivory on dark or bright primary contrasting backgrounds. Lettering also looks very good in childrens rooms in bright fun colours or cute pastels in multi-coloured palettes on white or different coloured backgrounds.

Product Specifications


Theme pack comprising 4 sheets, 2 of upper case capitals and 2 of lower case letters. Height of capital letters and uprights of small letters 6.5cm (2 1/2″).  Sheet size of capital letters  approximately 66cm (26″) wide x 30cm (11 3/4″) deep. Sheet size of smaller letters approximately 60cm (23 1/2″) wide x 27cm (10 1/2″) deep.

Left – the 4 sheets of this theme pack.