Classic Moroccan Border Stencil


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Geometric border stencil
For walls, floors, fabrics and more
1 sheet stencil

The Classic Moroccan Border Stencil is a fantastic new geometric border design inspired by the tiles and ceramics of Morocco and North Africa. The classic interlocking and overlapping lines around the eight pointed star and floral motifs look brilliant stencilled in neutral tones or brightly coloured hues. Use to add accents of pattern around the home or on accessories or as a classic border on walls and floors. One sheet stencil with useful registration dots for easy repeat alignment. See size and layout specifications below.


This design is part of the new Moroccan Stencil Range. See full Moroccan Range listed below.

Above and top – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil has been used to add colour and life to a plain white painted wooden tray. The edges of the design are masked off to create sharp edges and the design has been stencilled onto the tray in Raspberry, Very BerryYellow Ochre, Grassland, Spring Vine, Willow and Summer Skies Stencil Paints and finished with Acrylic Varnish.

Above – shows two repeats of the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil. Shown in Sea Green, Sienna and  Very Berry Stencil Paints.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil shown here edging the Classic Moroccan Stencil. Shown in Summer Skies, Paradise Blue, Atlantic Blue, Persian Blue, Eucalyptus, Spring VineShoreline and Arctic Grey Stencil Paints.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil in Seville OrangeAtlantic Blue, Verbena, Spring Vine and Willow Stencil Paints.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil is shown here in a pattern block repeat, a great idea for splash backs or colourful table tops. Shown in Lime Blossom, Spring Vine, WillowSeville Orange, Sienna and Atlantic Blue Stencil Paints.

Use Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges to apply this stencil.

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Above – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil adds a sophisticated pattern between this bathroom shelf and wooden cupboard, stencilled here in neutral tones to complement its setting. Stencilled here in the soft tones of Latte and Chocolat Stencil Paints.

Above and below – easy stencilling techniques for this project: stencil first in Latte and over-stencil accents in Chocolat Stencil Paint. Varnish areas subject to moisture with Acylic Matt or Eggshell Varnish.

Picking out the colours of surrounding furniture and objects allows the stencilled decoration to blend in perfectly to its surroundings.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil shown in Latte Stencil Paint.

Above – two repeats of the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil.

Above – stencilling in Vanilla Stencil Paint on a darker green sage background emphasises the interlocking woven effect of this design.

Above – the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil in the soft tones of Grassland, Spring Vine, Willow and Atlantic Blue Stencil Paints.

Above – two repeats of the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil.

Product Specifications

1 layer stencil on 125 micron mylar with easy to use registration dots for repeating border motif.

One complete repeat of the border measures up to 34cm/13.25″ wide x 15cm/6″ deep.
Sheet size 42cm/16.25″ wide x 21cm/8.25″ deep.

Left – shows the layout of the stencil sheet of the Classic Moroccan Border Stencil.