Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil


Beautiful, elegant magnolia flowers and tree theme pack stencil.
Large 3 sheet, 2 layer stencil, with 11 flower, bud and branch stencil motifs.

The Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil is a beautifully elegant large theme pack stencil. The magnolia tree is reputed to be one of the most ancient flowering trees known to man! Well, its flowers and the patterns of its twisted branches certainly make graceful and versatile decorative motifs. 

Based on Henny’s original drawings and studies of this wonderful flower, the large flowering motifs in this theme pack come in a range of 9 bud and flower designs, in varying stages of bloom. This stencil includes a beautifully shaped twisted tree trunk, and smaller branch motif, for placing the flowers onto in any desired layout. The flowers can also be used on their own to decorate smaller items such as cushions and accessories. Layer two details comprise flower, twig and leaf veins to add extra dimension to the different flower motifs. The pack also contains additional leaf, twig and vein motifs for adding to and extending the design as necessary.  

This 3 sheet stencil is perfect for both regular stencillers and those starting out and comes with registration dots for aligning the layer two details and full instructions. See size and layout specifications below.

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The Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil can be used in a range of varied layouts, the tree being used as a framework on which to place the flowering motifs, either randomly or in repeated sequences. The tree motif can be repeated vertically, offset or tilted with the additional branch motif being used to add extra width or height to the main motif. The examples shown on this page of different layout possibilities should get you going!

Above top and below – the exciting new Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil is ideal for classic and modern interiors. Here it is shown on a traditional living room wall: layer one stencilled in Alba Rose, Orchid, Cerise Stencil Paints (flowers), Spring Vine, Olive Grove, Latte and Mocha Stencil Paints (leaves, twigs and branches); layer two stencilled in Raspberry, Woodland and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints. The height of this particular arrangement is 102cm (40”) high.

Above and top – the main branch motif is stencilled first and then the flowering motifs added to create the effect. Extra leaves are also added for balance and a little extra green! (Colours as above).

Above – close up detail of the living room mural detailed above.

Above – the Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil with the top two flower motifs used to extend and give extra height to the design layout. Shown in Orchid, Damask Rose, Azalea, RaspberrySienna and Chocolat Stencil Paints.

Above – here just the flowering motifs of the Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil have been used, one on top of the other, to create this elegant arrangement. Shown in simple Ice White and Storm Stencil Paint on a classic Wedgwood blue style coloured background.  

Above and below – for graphic, statement finishes stencil in darker, contrasting, monochrome palettes, which create a more silhouette style. Above a taller, extended arrangement in Ice White and Arctic Grey Stencil Paint on a green-grey background.

Above – close up detail of a strongly contrasting monochrome palette of Navy Charcoal and Shoreline Stencil Paints on a pale aqua-grey coloured background.

Above and below – the Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil in classic Chinoiserie style. Shown above in close up detail. Layer one shown in Ice White, blushed with Orchid Stencil Paints (flowers), Verbena, Woodland Stencil Paints (leaves), Chocolat, Mocha Stencil Paints (branches) and layer two details in Damask Rose and Lime Blossom Stencil Paints on a pale turquoise-green coloured background.

Above – the classic Chinoiserie style has been created by both choice of colour and by the way the stencil motifs have been arranged – the branch motif has been repeated and tilted and fewer flowers have been placed on the tree revealing more delicately growing twig shapes and patterns.

Above – the Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil has been printed onto a luscious turquoise silk curtain. Again the Chinoiserie element of the design has been brought out by repeating the tree motifs both vertically and horizontally, creating a tracery of woody twigs on which the stencilled flowers have been placed in a random arrangement.

Above – close up details of printed silk curtain, stencilled in Motif Fabric Paints – flowers in  Strawberry Red mixed with Pure White, tree trunk in Taupe mixed with Pure White and leaves in Olive mixed with Pure White. Blending of colours whilst stencilling with our Stencil Sponges.

Above – the same tracery of branches has been created by repeating the tree motif and placing the flowers randomly upon this. Keeping the arrangement of flowers random, rather than following a rigid pattern repeat, creates the illusion of growth and one continuous design, even though the tree shapes beneath are repeated at regular intervals. More of the small unopened buds have been placed around the branches on this layout, which helps create a more spacious feel to the design. In Ice WhiteOrchid, Damask RoseLatte, MochaHedgerow, Verbena and Lime Blossom Stencil Paints.

Above – the Flowering Magnolia Tree Stencil creates a charming bedroom mural, country cottage style. Stencilled here in Orchid, English Rose, Cerise, Raspberry (flowers), Latte, Mocha (tree), Olive Grove and Woodland Stencil Paints (leaves) on a pale pink-white bedroom wall.

Product Specifications

Three sheet two layer stencil theme pack on 125 micron mylar. Comes with full usage instructions.

Tree motif sheet (top left) : Main tree motif measures up to 67cm/26.5” tall x 52cm/20.5” wide at furthest points. Smaller branch measures up to 26cm/10.25” tall x 18cm/7” wide at furthest points. Sheet size 80cm/31.5” high x 60cm/23.5” wide.

Layer one magnolia flower motif sheet (middle left): 9 bud and flower motifs in various stages of flowering, with registration dots for layer two alignment. The largest full flower motif measures up to 40cm/14.75” wide x 31cm/12” high. Smaller single bud motif measures up to 9cm/3.5” high x 5cm/2” wide. A single full open flower on average measures up to 19cm/7.5” wide x 15cm/6” high, depending on how open bottom petals are. Flowers are true to scale of a real magnolia (Soulangeana). Sheet size 82cm/32.25” high x 60cm/23.5” wide.

Layer two details sheet (bottom left): Layer two details to 6 of the flower motifs, with registration dots for alignment with layer one motifs.  Also an additional selection of flower and leaf veins and additional leaves and woody stem motif. Sheet size 82cm/32.25” high x 60cm/23.5” wide.

Additional information

Weight 1100 g

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