Folk Hearts Stencil


Charming folk heart love heart stencil
One sheet with three detailed heart motifs

Stunningly pretty the Folk Hearts Stencil is perfect for festive decorating and romantic flourishes. Inspired by original Indian stamp motifs and folk style embroideries these pretty heart motifs are perfect for creating beautiful cards for loved ones, beautiful gift bags or heart inspired accessories such as keep-sake boxes, mobiles, tree decorations, or adding heart motifs to fabrics and more. Incredibly versatile love heart stencil. See size and layout specifications below.

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Above and top – the Folk Heart Stencil is stunning on wooden and papier mache keep-sake boxes. Largest heart motif stencilled in Very Berry Stencil Paint on a heart shaped box painted with Nougat Stencil Paint, with inner detail of this motif picked out and stencilled on sides. Medium sized heart motif stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint on boxes painted in Very Berry Stencil Paint.

Above and below – the three motifs of the Folk Hearts Stencil work perfectly on gift cards. Above – in Nougat Stencil Paint, blushed with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint has a lace-like effect on our Brown Craft Cards.

Above – the medium snowflake inspired heart motif and small simple heart motif of the Folk Hearts Stencil in Very Berry Stencil Paint and Antique Gold Stencil Paint.

Above – the largest heart motif of this stencil in Very Berry Stencil Paint and Antique Gold Metallic Stencil paint on one of our White Square Cards.

Above – the three motifs of the Folk Hearts Stencil are stunning when repeated in different pattern layouts together. Shown here in the warm tones of Harvest Gold and Butterscotch Stencil Paints on a yellow background.
Use our Stencil Sponges for perfect results with this stencil.

Above and below – the charming Folk Hearts Stencil makes fantastic tree decorations, stencilled simply onto white painted wooden hearts in Raspberry Stencil Paint.

Above and top – to create your stylish Christmas tree decorations with the Folk Hearts Stencil use plain wooden hearts or thick card cut outs to stencil on and add a simple cross-grain red ribbon to finish your decorations to perfection.

Above and below – or hang with festive baubles as a charming mobile – a great alternative if you are short of space for a large tree or simply want to add some festive fun to a plain corner!

Above – the largest heart motif of the Folk Hearts Stencil in Raspberry Stencil Paint on a white wooden heart. The width of this motif is 10.4cm/4.25″ wide.

Above – the three motifs of the Folk Hearts Stencil repeated in a simple pattern. Shown in classic Atlantic Blue Stencil Paint.

The largest heart motif in China Blue Stencil Paint.

Above – the three motifs of the Folk Heart Stencil in a triangle formation in Very Berry Stencil Paint.

Above – the three motifs of the Folk Heart Stencil arranged in a heart shape! Shown in Persian Blue Stencil Paint on a pale blue background.

Product Specifications

The Folk Hearts Stencil is a one sheet stencil comprising three detailed little heart motifs. On 125 micron Mylar.

Largest heart (bottom below) 10.4cm/4.25″ wide x 10.6cm/4.25″ tall.
Medium sized heart up to 7.5cm/3″ wide x 7.5cm/3″ tall.
Smallest heart (top below) 4cm/1.5″ wide x 4cm/1.5″ tall.
Sheet size 31cm/12″ tall by 21cm/8.25″ wide.

Left – the Folk Hearts Stencil sheet showing the layout of the three different sized motifs.

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Weight 44 g


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