Iris Stencil 2


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Beautiful Iris flower stencil.
2 sheet designer stencil

Iris Stencil 2 is a beautiful and elegant Iris Stencil based on Henny’s detailed Bearded Iris drawings, with full blown flowers and detailed stamens and vein markings, beautifully complimenting Iris Stencil 1. Ideal for modern botanical and floral decorating this beautiful flower stencil is great for panels, furniture, soft furnishings and more. Easy to use stencil in two layers with shapely petals and delicate stamens and flower markings. See size specifications below.


Iris Stencil 2 works beautifully in simple silhouette single colours or in life-like palettes of blue, pink, purple and yellow.

Above top – Close up of Iris Stencil 2 stencilled panel in  Forget-me-not, Indian PurpleChina BlueEucalyptusVerbena, Woodland and Harvest Gold Stencil Paints.

Above and below – Iris Stencil 2 as a striking silhouette on a zesty lime green cushion cover – perfect for brightening rooms and for summer outdoor living.

Above – create this effect with Iris Stencil 2 and simple Pure White, Lemon Yellow and Olive Fabric Paint on brightly coloured cotton cushion covers.

Above – close up of Iris Stencil 2 shown in Ice WhiteEvening Primrose, Verbena, Hedgerow and Woodland Stencil Paints.

Above – Iris Stencil 1 & 2 are used to decorate a plain linen blind (section showing Iris Stencil 2). Stencilled in Bright Purple, Magenta, Pure White, Sunny Yellow, Bright Green and Olive Fabric Paints.

Above – Iris Stencil 2 in simple silhouette style. Shown in China Blue mixed with Agapanthus Stencil Paints for layer one and Forget-me-not Stencil Paint for layer two.

Use Stencil Sponges for easy and clear stencilling of this motif.

Also see Iris Stencil 1, Little Iris Stencil and Iris Stencils 1 & 2 together at reduced combined price.

Above – the upper section of Iris Stencil 2 has been stencilled onto a wooden panel painted white and stencilled with this shapely design – perfect for living spaces and bedrooms.


Above – Iris Stencil 2 shown in Indian Purple, Agapanthus, Forget-me-not, French Lavender and Harvest Gold Stencil Paints (flowers), Olive Grove, Hedgerow and Spring Vine Stencil Paints (stalks/leaves).

Above – Iris Stencil 2 shown in Agapanthus, French Lavender, Forget-me-not and Evening Primrose Stencil Paints (flowers), Hedgerow, Verbena and Woodland Stencil Paints (stalks/leaves) on a pale lilac background.

Above – try Iris Stencil 2 clustered in pairs and rows. Shown in Ice WhiteEvening Primrose Stencil Paints (flowers),  Verbena, Hedgerow and Woodland Stencil Paints (leaves and stalks).

Above – Iris Stencil 1 and Iris Stencil 2 work beautifully grouped together and can be purchased together at a discounted price. See Iris Stencil 1 and 2 Combined.

Product Specifications

Two layer stencil on two sheets of 125 micron Mylar.

Overall motif is up to 68cm/26.75″ tall by 26cm/10″ wide. Sheet size 74cm/29″ tall x 33cm/13″ wide.
Largest flower (lower right) is up to 16cm/6.25″ tall x 13.5cm/5.25″ wide.

Left – stencil sheet new layout of the two sheets of Iris Stencil 2.