Little Snowflakes Stencil


Delicate ice crystal design
1 sheet stencil

The beautiful Little Snowflakes Stencil – three delicate little snowflakes on a small stencil sheet dotted with miniature snow crystals – ideal for budget seasonal decorating projects. See stencil layout and size specifications below.

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Above top and below – the Little Snowflakes Stencil is ideal for creating sparkling decorations on festive cards and decorations – an ideal way of making your own Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. Use Ice White Stencil Paint and Pearl Metallic Stencil Paint for festive stencilling onto red and other bright colours.

The three different snowflake motifs of the Little Snowflakes Stencil allow you to swap and change designs for cards and gift wraps, interspersed with the tiny star-like ice crystal motifs.

Above – the three snowflakes of this stencil and small ice crystals, stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint on purple and blue blended backgrounds.

The Little Snowflakes Stencil is ideal for creating sparkling motifs on walls, frosting on windows and on festive cards and decorations. Snowflakes also look fantastic stencilled onto card and cut out to hang as glittering festive mobiles and tree decorations

Above – the different motifs of this stencil repeated at random intervals in Ice White Stencil paint on a blue night sky background.

Create stunning festive biscuits and cakes with icing sugar, cocoa powder and melted chocolate stencilling. See our How to Stencil with Icing Sugar Guide.

Use the Little Snowflakes Stencil in conjunction with the Nordic Snowflakes Stencil, Small Snowflakes Theme PackLarge Snowflakes Theme Pack if you want to cluster different sized ice crystals together for a spectacular effect. And also available – the exciting Oversize Snowflakes Stencil for extra festive impact!

See our How to Stencil Frosted Windows Guide.

Above – the Little Snowflakes Stencil in festive Very Berry Stencil Paint on white.

Above – create your own festive Christmas window with the Little Snowflakes Stencil with Ice White Stencil Paint.

Step 1 – Apply repositionable spray adhesive to the reverse side of the stencil and ensure the stencil is fully stuck to the window. Use wide low tack stencil tape to mask off the edges of the stencil to protect the surrounding area. Step 2 – Pour a little stencil paint onto a plate, dip the stencil sponge into the paint, dab off the excess paint on a dry part of the plate to prevent too much paint being used. Step 3 – Dab the loaded sponge onto the stencil, ensuring all little detailed areas are covered. Step 4 and 5 – Continue stencilling until all of the snowflakes are covered, going over each motif twice for extra opacity (allowing to dry between coats). Step 6 – Carefully peel off the stencil ensuring you do not smudge the underlying paint – allow to dry.  The stencilling can be done inside or outside (on balconies, or covered areas). Use a razor blade and warm soapy water to remove the stencilling when required. Use our different Snowflake Stencils for this project.

Above – the Little Snowflakes repeated at random, stencilled in Ice White Stencil Paint with Rainbow Glitter Paint highlights.

Above – Little Snowflakes Stencil in Ice White, Spa and Cherry Blossom Stencil Paints on a soft grey blended background.

Above – the different motifs of the Little Snowflakes Stencil repeated randomly and stencilled in Shoreline and French Lavender Stencil Paints.

Above – the Little Snowflakes in French Lavender Stencil Paint on a soft aqua and lilac blended background.

Graduated Painted Background Technique

A graduated painted background can be achieved by using two similar tones of emulsion paint (latex) and a tinted varnish glaze over the top. This technique will not work with radically different colours – keep the tones similar so mixing is easier. Mix a third of each colour together to create a mid-tone colour and paint the wall in horizontal bands dark to light, brushing the colours lightly over each other at the joining bands to create as softer join as possible. Keep strokes long, smooth and horizontal. Mix a varnish glaze using 2/3rd Acrylic Matt Varnish, 1/3rd Acrylic Scumble Glaze. Add a little water if the glaze is much thicker than the consistency of double cream. Tint the glaze with several drops of Universal Tinter to create a transparent glaze a couple of shades deeper than the middle tone of your painted wall. Brush the glaze over the wall and soften in long smooth strokes using a soft brush.

Product Specifications

Three one layer snowflake motifs and five ice crystals on one small sheet of 125 micron mylar.

Largest snowflake up to 9.5cm (3 3/4″) wide.
Medium snowflake up to 7cm (2 1/2″) wide.
Small snowflake up to 4cm (1 1/2″) wide.
Ice crystals up to 0.6cm (1/4″) across.
Sheet size 16cm (6 1/4″) wide x 21cm (8 1/4″) tall.

Left – layout of Little Snowflakes stencil sheet.

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