Wild Orchid Stencil


Large flower wall stencil
3 sheet detailed overlay stencil

The beautiful Wild Orchid Stencil, inspired by wild Madagascan orchids, perfectly captures the form and movement of orchids growing in the wild, with its beautiful orchid blooms and intricately detailed markings. Perfect for inspired stencilling on walls and fabrics. The Wild Orchids Stencil is a three layer, three sheet stencil with registration dots making alignment of each layer very easy. See size Specifications below.

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Use this original, top of the range stencil to create your own unique art  – for feature walls, panels, as pictures in frames, or to decorate cushions, curtains and for making your own exotic clothes – very modern and chic! Use our Fabric Paints for your style creations.

Above top – Wild Orchid Stencil in the warm red tones of Flame Red, Very Berry, Raspberry, Azalea, Wild RoseAsh Green and Olive Grove Stencils Paints.

Above – the Wild Orchids Stencil in simple Ice White Stencil Paint with details in Navy Charcoal, Storm and Estuary Grey Stencil Paints on a duck egg blue background.

This design lends itself to many different colourways. Try bright orchid pinks or purples, or vivid oranges, or lime greens and strongly contrasting colours for lively schemes. Or for dramatic effect use deep purples and burgundies with gold or green.  Or try soft pastel colours, stencilled lightly in candy box shades or monochromatic colour. Or create subtle finishes with Metallic Stencil Paints.

Above – the Wild Orchid Stencil in Forget-me-not, French Lavender, Indian Purple, Agapanthus, Orchid, Eau de Nil and Blue Sage Stencil Paints.

This stencil is designed to work both as a single motif, or can be repeated at regular intervals or randomly – giving it the versatility to work in a wide range of decorating schemes on both walls and fabrics.

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Above – give an exotic flare to a summer playsuit with the motifs of the Wild Orchid Stencil and Motif Fabric Paints.

Above – Fabric Paint colours used on this crisp white cotton jumpsuit – Pure White mixed with Magenta Pink, Magenta Pink, and Bright Purple mixed with Cobalt Blue.

Above – Wild Orchid Stencil in Cherry Blossom, Plum Blossom, Campanula, Damson, CeriseBlue Sage and Emerald Forest Stencil Paints.

Each layer of this design builds up the delicate markings of the orchid flower – easily with the use of the registration dots on each stencil sheet.

Above – the Wild Orchid Stencil in the soft, woody colours of Blue Sage, Emerald Forest, Willow, Spearmint, Grassland, Campanula, Indian Purple and Mocha Stencil Paints.

Above – the Wild Orchid Stencil in Nougat, Mandarin, Evening PrimroseRaspberry, Olive Grove and Spring Vine Stencil Paints.

Above – close up detail of one of the Wild Orchid flowers – same colours as above.

Product Specifications

Three layer stencil on three sheets of 125 micron mylar. Overall motif of all three flowers together measures up to approximately 51cm (20″) wide by 53cm (21″) high at furthest points.

The orchid blooms measure up to approximately 23cm (9″) by 23cm (9″) at tips of petals.

Sheet size 60cm (23 3/4″) square.

Left – shows the layout and registration dots of each of the three stencil sheets of this stencil design. Comes with full instructions.

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Weight 1001 g