Bird & Blossom Stencil


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Charming small chinoiserie style birds and blossom flowers
2 sheet stencil

The Birds and Blossom Stencil is a two sheet stencil with five delicate little birds shown nestling on flowering branches and twigs. Ideal for stencilling on fabrics, clothing, cushions, cards and as chinoiserie motifs on walls, furniture and accessories. See layout and size specifications below.

The beautiful birds and flowers in this 2 sheet stencil, are taken from our full scale chinoiserie stencils and can be used individually or together in different arrangements and with our other Chinoiserie Stencils.


This stencil design suits a range of different colour treatments – working in both single colour schemes and multiple colourways. Some suggestions and examples are shown here.

Above top – the five different bird motifs of the Birds and Blossom Stencil arranged in a vertical grouping and stencilled in Persian Blue, Paradise Blue, Summer Skies, Forget-me-not, French Lavender, Eucalyptus and Mocha Stencil Paints on a pale aqua background.

Above – the different motifs of the Birds and Blossom Stencil, stencilled lightly in French Lavender on a pale grass green background.

Stencil this design with our Stencil Paint or Fabric Paint ranges and our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges.

This stencil can be used in conjunction with our Peacock Bird and Blossom Stencil and Chinoiserie Stencil 1 and Chinoiserie Stencil 2 for a complete look.

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Above top and below – the Birds and Blossom Stencil on a red cotton cushion cover, stencilled in Motif Fabric Paints Gold, on top of Pure White Fabric Paint.

Above – four of the bird motifs of this stencil arranged together and stencilled in Cerise, Seville Orange, Indian Purple, Cyan, Ash Green, and Mocha Stencil Paints on a pale pink background.

Above and below – create this beautiful and simple look with the different motifs of the Birds and Blossom Stencil – stencilled here onto a white cotton swing vest in Motif Fabric Paints Bright Purple, Cobalt Blue, Terracotta and Light Lime.

Stencilling onto fabric is very easy. Apply repositionable spray adhesive to the reverse of the stencil, lay the stencil onto your fabric with a protective sheet of paper in between the layers of cloth and stencil with our Fabric Paints and Stencil Sponges. Iron on the reverse side so the paint becomes fast and you are ready to wear!. (Fabric Paints come with full instructions).

Above – the five different bird motifs of this stencil pack clustered together and stencilled in the bright tones of Cerise, Seville OrangeIndian Purple, Cyan, Ash Green, and Mocha Stencil Paints on a pale pink background.

Product Specifications

Easy to use one layer stencil on two sheets of 125 micron mylar.

Sheet 1 comprises two bird motifs with flowers and additional butterfly and bee motifs.
Left bird motif up to 15cm (6″) tall.
Right bird motif up to 26cm (10″) tall.
Bird motifs up 10 11cm (4 1/4″) across from tail to beak tips.
Sheet size 39cm (15 1/4″) wide x 32cm (12 1/2″) deep.

Sheet 2 comprises three bird motifs with flowers and twigs, with additional butterfly motif.
Top bird motif up to 14cm (5 1/2″) across at widest points.
Middle bird motif up to 21cm (8 1/4″) across at widest points.
Bottom bird motif up to 21cm ( 8 1/4″) across and 23cm (9″) deep at widest points.
Bird motifs from smallest 12cm (4 1/2″) to largest 24cm (9 1/2″) from head to tip of tail.
Sheet size 32cm (12 1/2″) wide x 60cm (23 1/2″”) deep.

Left – shows the two sheets of this stencil pack.