Gujarat Indian Border Stencil


Deep intricate Indian style border design
Easy to use two layer stencil

Create a little oppulence with the Gujarat Indian Border Stencilwith its intricate filigree design. This stencil lends itself to multi-coloured schemes with Metallic and Glitter Paint accents, as well as neutral, pastel or simplified metallic colour schemes. This design looks beautiful stencilled onto both walls and fabric for drapes and bed linens. See size and layout specifications below.


Above top – Gujarat Indian Border Stencil in China Blue and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints

Above – Gujarat Indian Border Stencil in Indian Purple and Agapanthus Stencil Paints.

Above – Gujarat Indian Border Stencil in Ice White (layer one) and Agapanthus (layer two) Stencil Paints.

Above – Gujarat Indian Border Stencil in Ice White (layer one) and Navy Charcoal (layer two) Stencil Paints.

Above – the Gujarat Indian Border Stencil stencilled in the same colours as above and stencilled with the Gujarat Indian Repeat Stencil.

Also see our other Indian border stencil the Manipur Indian Border Stencil.

Above and below – Gujarat Indian Border stencilled in English RoseCerise, Indian Purple and Seville Orange Stencil Paints with Metallic and Gliiter Paint highlights.

The stencil has been applied at ‘dado’ rail height to act as a natural separation between the darker and lighter pink background wall colour.

Above – the Gujarat Indian Border Stencil with the Indian Gujarat Repeat Stencil in Latte and Coffee Bean Stencil Paints on a pale sandstone coloured background.

Product Specifications

The Gujarat Indian Border stencil is an easy to use two layer stencil, which comes with registration dots for easy alignment of border repeats.
Each repeat of this border stencil measures up to 26cm (10″) wide by 23.5cm (9.25″) deep.
Sheet size 41cm (16″) wide x 32cm (12.5″) deep.

Left – the layout of the two stencil sheets of this design.