Manipur Indian Border Stencil


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Intricate Indian Border Design
2 sheet stencil

The beautiful Manipur Indian Border Stencil will add a charming and distinctive decorative touch to both modern and Indian styled themes. The delicate Manipur Indian Border Stencil is based on a 19th century embroidery motif from the region of Manipur. This design works well in many colour combinations, looking stunning in bright jewel-like colours, as well as more muted shades. Print simply as a border for a detailed flourish or in repeated rows to form blocks of pattern for an intense effect. This design is great stencilled onto walls and fabrics for drapes or table linens. See size and layout specifications below.


Above top – the Manipur Indian Border stencilled in rows in Seville Orange and Raspberry Stencil Paint (top), Very Berry and Raspberry Stencil Paint (middle) and Cerise and Indian Purple Stencil Paint (bottom).

Above – the Manipur Indian Border repeated in rows, stencilled in French Lavender and Agapanthus Stencil Paint.

Above – the Manipur Indian Border Stencil – showing two repeats of the border.

Use in conjunction with the Gujarat Indian Repeat Stencil and the Gujarat Indian Border Stencil.

Above and below – the Manipur Indian Border stencilled onto a taupe tablecloth and ivory table runner in Sunny Yellow, Strawberry Red, Taupe and Bright Purple Fabric Paints.

Above – close up detail of the Manipur Indian Border Stencil on these delicate printed fabrics.

Above – the Manipur Indian Border stencilled in rows in Damask Rose and Raspberry Stencil Paint (top), Forget-me-not and Indian Purple Stencil Paint (middle) French Lavender and Agapanthus Stencil Paint (bottom).

Above – the Manipur Indian Border stencilled in rows in Spearmint and Sea Green Stencil Paint (top), Chinoiserie and Persian Blue Stencil Paint (middle) and Ash Green and Oasis Stencil Paint (bottom).

Product Specifications

Two layer border stencil approximately 36cm (14 1/2″) wide by 10cm (4 1/2″) deep.

Left – the layout of the two sheets of this stencil.