Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil


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Designer botanical stencil
Large 2 sheet detailed stencil

The Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil – graceful flowers swaying aloft tall stems and striking foliage – is ideal for designers, decorators and homeowners with a love of botanical motifs and stencils with real design flare. Henny Donovan has created another beautiful flower design to add to her range of carefully observed botanical motifs.  2 sheet large intricate stencil – See Size Specifications Below.


The graceful blooms are perfect stencilled in the natural Japanese Anemone colours of white and pink, with the intricate, plentiful stamens in characteristic sunny yellow. This buttercup-like flower from the family Ranunculaceae makes perfect design motifs for living areas and bedrooms, on both walls and fabrics.

Above and top – the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil has been stencilled in a random repeated motif on cotton voile curtains in Motif Fabric Paints Pure White mixed with Strawberry Red (flowers), Light Lime, Leaf Green and Sunny Yellow (leaves and stamens). Shown with cushion stencilled with the Little Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil.

Above – achieve the classic pink Japanese Anemone colouring with our Stencil paints in Orchid, Alba Rose (flowers), Verbena, Woodland (stalks and leaves), Spring Vine (seed heads and flower centres) and Seville Orange (stamens, layer 2).

Above – close up detail of part of the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil showing the detailed leaf design. Colours as above (on a pale blue background).

Above – close up detail of the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil – colours as top right.
Stencil Rollers make stencilling this stencil practical and easy, particularly if you are stencilling white onto deeper base colours – the roller will help to build opacity. Also use in conjunction with our Stencil Sponges for really professional results.

Also see the Little Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil.

Above – the elegant Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil shown with additional stalk extension – flowers in Ice White Stencil Paint, stalks, seed heads and leaves in Verbena, Woodland and Willow Stencil Paints (layer 1) and stamens in Harvest Gold Stencil Paint (layer 2). Shown on a soft lime background.

Above – the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil has been used to create a crisp, fresh sage green curtain. Stencilled in a simple horizontal row with our really good Fabric Paints in Pure White, Light Lime, Leaf Green and Sunny Yellow.

Above – close up detail of the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil on sage green curtains – Motif Fabric Paint colours as above.

Above – the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil repeated horizontally with every other motif slightly raised. Flowers and seed heads in Ice White and Vanilla Stencil Paint, leaves and stalks in Lime BlossomVerbena and Woodland Stencil Paints (layer 1) and stamens in Harvest Gold Stencil Paint (layer 2) – on a sage green background.

Above – try using the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil with the Giant Hogweed Stencil for a verdant, botanical mural or fabric drop.

Above – the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil shown with flowers in Ice White Stencil Paint, seed heads, leaves and stalks in Bamboo Grove, Spearmint and Hedgerow Stencil Paints (layer 1) and stamens in Harvest Gold Stencil Paint (layer 2) – on a deep dusky pink background.

Above – the Japanese Anemone Flower Stencil in a clustered and overlapping grouping – the design lends itself to a host of layout options. Shown in colours as above on a deep pink and cerise graduated background.

Product Specifications

Two layer stencil on two sheets of 125 micron Mylar. Comes with easy to use registration dots for stamen alignment of layer two.

Section 1 – Overall motif is 45cm/17.75″ wide x 76.5cm/30″ high. The flower heads are typically 7cm/2.75″ wide.  Additional stalk section is 11cm/4.25″ high. Sheet size 53cm/20.75″ wide x 84cm/33″ high.

Section 2 – selection of stamens up to 40cm/15.75″ wide x 35cm/13.75″ high. Stamens typically 2cm/.75″ wide. Sheet size 51cm/20″ wide x 44cm/17.25″ high.

Left – the 2 sheets of this stencil pack – section 1 left with additional stalk motif and stamen detail for larger lower flower, section 2 right showing layer two stamen details.