Small Wisteria Theme Pack Stencil


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Beautiful climbing flower stencil
1 sheet stencil

The Small Wisteria Theme Pack Stencil is a beautiful flower stencil based on early summer flowering wisteria with its prolific, falling blossom and elegantly stylish leaves. This multi-motif small theme pack is ideal for budget decorating and for those just starting out.


Also useful as an ‘add on’ to our two larger more complex wisteria stencils (see Wisteria range overview below). Use the Small Wisteria Theme Pack Stencil to add beautiful decorative flourishes to walls, furniture, curtains and cushions.

This easy to use one sheet stencil contains 9 wisteria motifs with two flower groups and a selection of leaves and vine motifs – allowing you to arrange the different design elements to fit any layout.  See Small Wisteria Stencil Theme Pack layout and size specifications below.

Above top and below – the different motifs of the Small Wisteria Theme Pack Stencil are repeated in a random frieze layout to add a touch of beauty and interest to a kitchen wall. Stencilled here in the natural wisteria colours – Agapanthus, Damson (flowers), Hedgerow, Verbena, (leaves) and Mocha Stencil Paints (twigs).

Above – create this painted wall finish by stencilling the painted wall first and then fixing the ornate metal brackets and shelves to the wall. To create the random frieze effect repeat the two flower motifs at different heights and varied spacing and then add the main leaf motif on top, repeating at different angles. Then add the smaller leaf motifs, the twig motif and tendrils in the natural gaps between the leaves and flowers.

Above – close up detail of the stencilled effect on the kitchen wall. Add extra dimension to your stencilling by blending two colour tones for the different elements of the design. Stencil Sponges are used to create the blending effect, here with French Lavender and Agapanthus for the flowers and Hedgerow and Verbena for the leaves.

Above – the Small Wisteria Theme Pack is shown in the soft, muted shades of French Lavender, Forget-me-notShoreline, Storm and Emerald Forest Sage Stencil Paints on a soft pale lilac-grey background.

Wisteria Range Overview

Also see the beautiful Large Wisteria Theme Pack and Wisteria Blossom Bough Stencil, both of which can be used in conjunction with this stencil. All three wisteria stencils in this range can be used together.  The flowers and leaves of all three wisteria designs are on the same scale, so can be intermixed. Small and Large Theme Packs refers to the size of the stencil sheets and number of motifs in each pack.

Above – the different motifs of the Small Wisteria Theme Pack Stencil clustered in a group, stencilled on a silver coloured silk cushion cover in Motif Fabric Paints Bright Purple, Cobalt Blue, Light Lime and Turquoise Green. This effect is stencilled simply with our Stencil Sponges.

Above – the simple decorative effect of this cushion adds a point of focus and interest in a calm, elegant setting. Stencilling onto fabric is easy. Apply repositionable spray adhesive to the reverse of the stencil, lay the stencil onto your fabric with a protective sheet of paper in between the layers of cloth, and stencil with our Fabric Paints and Stencil Sponges. Iron on the reverse side so the paint becomes fast and you are ready to wear! (Fabric Paints come with full instructions.)

Above – close up detail of the motifs of the Small Wisteria Theme Pack Stencil clustered in a group, stencilled on a silver coloured silk cushion cover in Motif Fabric Paints Bright Purple, Cobalt Blue, Light Lime and Turquoise Green. Use Stencil Sponges to blend the different colours in the flowers and leaves.

Above – the different wisteria flower and leaf motifs of the Small Wisteria Theme Pack arranged together in an open cluster. Stencilled in Forget-me-not, VerbenaWillow and Mocha Stencil Paints

Above – the motifs of this theme pack are repeated in a dense cluster, stencilled in the delicate shades of Forget-me-not, French Lavender  (flowers) Hedgerow, over-blushed and blended with Spearmint (leaves) and Mocha Stencil Paints (twigs) on a pale aqua background.

Above – close up section of the effect illustrated above.

Above – the Small Wisteria Theme Pack in muted pastels on a slate grey background as a silhouette effect. Colours used – Forget-me-not, Plum Blossom, Storm, Estuary Grey and Ice White Stencil Paints.

Product Specifications

Easy to use one layer one sheet stencil made of 125 micron mylar.

There are nine motifs in total:
Largest flower motif measures up to 16.7cm (6 1/2″) tall x 8.3cm (3 1/4″) across.
Smaller flower motif measure up to 10cm (4″) tall x 5.6cm (2 1/4″) wide.
The larger leaf motif measures up to 12.5cm (5″) tall x 10.3cm (4″) wide.
Smaller leaf motifs up to 6.4cm (2 1/2″) wide.
Sheet size A4 size 21.5cm (8 1/2″) wide x 31cm (12″) tall.

Left – shows the layout of the stencil sheet of this theme pack.